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How to find the Fortnite Fortbyte 24 in Fatal Fields

Another day, another Fortnite Fortbyte, this time the Fortbyte in Fatal Fields - that's number 24 if you're interested. It's an easy grab assuming you can stay alive long enough to find it. Make life easier on that front at least by avoiding trying to land there at the start, and look to head there mid-match instead when the heat's off. 

Whatever you decide strategy-wise you want to head to Fatal Fields near the bottom of the map to find Fortbyte 24:

Fortbyte 24 fatal fields map location

Once you've got there go to the grey house near the red barn, ignore everything else. The Fortnite Fortbyte is on the second floor, second door on your right as you come up the stairs. If you're coming down from the roof it'll be the side door furthest from the stairs. Just look out for a drawing board as soon as the door opens - the Fortbyte will appear in the corner to the right of it: 

Fortbyte 24 fatal fields location

There's no special requirements here, just scoop it up and you're done. Now just the other 90 or so to worry about. Still now word yet on the special reward or rewards you can expect from collecting all 100 Fortbytes but it had better be something special after all this.

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