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Far Cry 6: Everything we’d like to see in the next Far Cry

Ever since the release of the series spin-off Far Cry New Dawn, we’ve already starting thinking about the future of the Far Cry series and the possibility of Far Cry 6. While there hasn’t been any sort of official announcement yet, it’s quite safe to say we’ll undoubtedly be seeing another title in future given that the franchise continues to rake in the pennies for Ubisoft. When it will actually be released or just how it will shape up, though, is anyone’s guess.

For the most part, rumours have been speculating about where Far Cry 6 will be set. Far Cry 5 changed things up by planting us in Montana, in the fictional setting of the rural Hope County. Far Cry New Dawn also took place in the same location, albeit with a bright post-apocalyptic makeover. Before the release of New Dawn last year, Ubisoft sent out a survey asking players where they would like to see the next game set (via Reddit). The locations included:

  • Northern Canadian territories 
  • On another planet 
  • Post-apocalyptic world (hello, New Dawn) 
  • India
  • Cuba
  • Steppes of Alaska
  • Russia/Siberia
  • Jungles of South America
  • The Jungles of Vietnam
  • African Country
  • Sahara Region
  • Australia
  • North Korea
  • New Zealand

As you can see it’s quite an extensive list of possible locations, and while New Dawn ticks the post-apocalyptic box, we could see any of one the other settings in the next game. Way back in 2015, another survey presented players with setting choices that were lot more detailed and quite out there, including worlds with vampires and dinosaurs. Going off of these surveys, the series could go anywhere and include anything. The possibilities really are endless - especially when you consider previous Far Cry entries like the futuristic spin-off Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, or the prehistoric Far Cry Primal.

While we’re thin on the ground about any solid details about the future of the franchise, there are lots of improvements we’d love to see in the next Far Cry. So, without further ado, here’s a look at what we’d like to see in Far Cry 6.

1. Not be so formulaic and shake things up 

Far Cry 3 was a pivotal moment for the series that opened up the FPS like never before. But since then, for the most part, each Far Cry offering has followed the same formula. As a result, recycling the same format has made the series feel quite repetitive. It would nice to see the next Far Cry try to be a game-changer and do something different to give the franchise a new lease of life. All you have to do is look at the success of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to know Ubisoft are more than capable of refreshing a long-running series, and still managing to retain a lot of what we love about it. If the series takes a break to get a bit of an overhaul, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. 

2. Take us to an entirely new setting 

As we previously discussed, the setting of the next Far Cry could take place anywhere, in any timeline. A lot of the ideas chucked out by the survey would be interesting, and taking it to an entirely new setting could go hand in hand with departing away from the formula. Say for example instead of a rural county or tropical jungle, we’re on an alien planet. Or maybe it doesn’t even need to be so outlandish. The outbacks of Australia could present a lot of fun new challenges, and it’s hard to ignore the suggestion of what North Korea might be like (although that could be quite daring of the studio). While Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 were technically set in different locations, they both felt quite similar. At least in Far Cry 5 we were in an entirely new setting, but it’d be great to see something that takes the series out of its long established comfort zone in a new way. 

3. Change the way villains are presented 

Our very own wordsmith Alex Avard made a excellent case for why the villains in Far Cry aren't working anymore, and it's very true that the series has a made a habit of portraying the antagonists in much the same way, again and again. So why not change up the way we meet and view them? If you're going to slap every villain on the front cover of every title, make them more complex and pivotal to the plot-line, rather than just showing up a handful times. Vaas and Pagan Min from 3 and 4 were pretty solid bad guys, and Far Cry New Dawn's twins could have been the most interesting antagonists in the series, but we barely get the chance to actually see them. It would be more interesting to make the idea of good and bad in Far Cry not quite so cut and dry, and make more use of the villains we're introduced to. 

4. Introduce new enemies and weapons

Again, this links to the idea that the Far Cry series could do with some freshening up. Sure, we've had deadly honey badgers, saber tooth tigers, and weird cultists, but we've also had a lot of the same. Far Cry 5 especially felt like it didn't offer as big a variety of foes to take on. Similarly, adding new weapons to play around with also helps the gameplay feel new and exciting, and being able to take on different play styles in combat is always welcome. Just imagine if we really do get to see a Far Cry with dinosaurs or vampires like the 2015 survey suggested - that would certainly present us with new challenges. 

5.  Let both players keep any progression made in co-op 

The co-op feature in Far Cry is a lot of fun. It’s great to be able to run around with a pal and take on side quests, but in some respects it’s also a little limiting. In Far Cry 5 you can essentially get a friend to join your game, but only the one hosting gets to keep any mission progression. It’d be great if it could somehow be possible to progress through the entire game in co-op and let both players keep any advancements they make through the quest lines. Still, it's great that it has co-op in the first place, so it isn't really the end of the world if this change doesn't happen. 

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