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Cheap Nintendo Switch bundles: latest deals, prices and sales compared

cheap nintendo switch bundles
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Cheap Nintendo Switch bundles are in high demand throughout the year, and it can often be tricky even finding stock at some retailers. That's where we come in. Our price-comparison technology helps us find the best Nintendo Switch prices from thousands of retailers in an instant.

Which is just as well. Due to millions of us around the world being stuck at home right now, along with production issues for Nintendo, we're seeing a huge shortage of consoles. The standard, full-sized Switch has all but disappeared at the standard asking price, but we have been able to find stock for the Switch Lite here and there.

It's the bundles that make the best Nintendo Switch deals, though, and getting one with a discounted game, memory card, or accessory can be really tough if you don't know where to look. That's why we've included a section specifically for the best available bundles. Again though, stock is very limited.

Confused at all the different kinds of Switch? Don't worry, we're here to help. The original console has been widely replaced by a slightly improved model that has a longer-lasting battery, but otherwise, it's identical. If you want to be sure you're getting this newer, better Switch (and you should, as it doesn't cost any more) make sure the retail box has a fully red background instead of the partially white one on the older box. Also, some retailers might mention the model name somewhere - the old one is HAC-001 and the new one is HAC-001(-01). 

Then there's the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a handheld-only version of the console that cannot be plugged into your TV. However, it is a lot cheaper and has built-in controls to go with its sturdier shell. Perfect for younger gamers, in other words.

So, on to the offers. We've got the latest Nintendo Switch bundle deals and updates for both the regular Switch and Switch Lite here, not to mention the console by itself in a comparison chart below.

The best Nintendo Switch prices

To make sure you're getting a good deal, it's important to know the base prices of the Switch consoles. In the US especially, we're used to seeing some merchants jack up the prices when rivals have sold out. The normal Nintendo Switch MSRP is $299, while the UK RRP is £279. That's the price for the console alone with no extras, mind you. 

As for the Switch Lite, the US MSRP is $199 and the UK's RRP is set at £199. So if you see prices higher than any of these, make sure you're getting something other than the console on its own!

The best Nintendo Switch bundles - USA

Unfortunately, most US bundle deals are currently sold out - or horrendously over-priced. Seriously, don't buy a Switch and a game for $600 or more. It's simply not worth that. 

It is worth signing up for stock alerts, though. We've listed the retailers that are most likely to get consoles back in below. Keep an eye on them in the coming weeks, and remember to act fast if a Switch appears!

Nintendo Switch Lite | Animal Crossing: New Horizons | $259.98 at Best Buy
Given how most stores are charging over the normal price for a Switch Lite right now, this is one of the only decent bundles around. But hey, it is for the biggest game of the year so far on the Switch, so count us in! Available in turquoise or gray.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | $199.99 at Best Buy
It's been a while we saw the Switch Lite MSRP come back down to normal, so don't expect these deals to last long. No games here, but you're not getting ripped off either. Yes, the bar is low right now for great deals!
View Deal

  • Amazon: Has stock, but solo consoles are wildly overpriced
  • B&H Photo: Has solo Switch Lites at a slightly inflated price
  • Newegg: Has stock, but bundles are very overpriced

The best Nintendo Switch bundles - UK

Nintendo seems to be struggling to supply the UK with the Nintendo Switch at the moment, and the console on its own is barely available anywhere for the standard £279 asking price. As such, that's bad news for Nintendo Switch bundles, but we have found a couple of decent options for you today when it comes to the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite (Coral) | £199.99 at Very
A brand-new colour of Switch Lite is now available, and you can get yours from Very. It's a gorgeous shade of pink they're calling 'Coral', and it's sold out almost everywhere else. Get yours here while you can - it isn't likely to last long.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow) + Animal Crossing: New Horizons | £239.99 at Very
This is a solid bundle for the brand new Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as it saves you around £5 over buying the Switch Lite and game separately. As one of the console's biggest games of the year, we certainly don't see that much money coming off the game any time soon. Bundle also available in Grey.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) + The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening + 6 months Spotify Premium | £229 at Currys
The game is still quite pricey on its own, so you're saving at least a fiver here. You're also getting a free six-month Spotify Premium subscription here too, which  is a significant get in and of itself. Bundle also available with the Yellow console.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) + Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | £244 at Game
You can save almost £11 with one of Game's most tempting offers - the Switch Lite console with Breath of the Wild. This is easily one of the system's best games, and it's also one of the most expensive. That makes this bundle a real bargain. Bundle also available in Yellow.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite + Pokemon Shield| £239.99 at Very
Want the latest Pokemon to go with your new Switch? Very has you covered with this Shield Version bundle. It's certainly cheaper than buying both items separately! The console bundle is also available in Grey.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate + 6-month Spotify Premium | £239 at Currys
Some of the other bundles above offer better value as they come with newer games that cost a little more on their own, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still super fun though - it's a must-buy for any Switch owner. Bundle also available in Yellow.
View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) + The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + 6-month Spotify Premium | £229 at Currys
You're saving around £15 on this Currys bundle, and you're getting one of the best RPGs around for your trouble. If you've enjoyed the Netflix Witcher series or the books, this adventure is well worth a look. Getting six months of Spotify Premium is another happy bonus!View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite + 6 months Spotify Premium | £199 at Currys
Nintendo's handheld-only console has sold out at most stores so we've seen prices go past the base asking price at some (naughty!). Currys has some stock of the grey and yellow models at the regular RRP though. Plus there's a free six-month Spotify Premium sub!View Deal

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