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Call of Duty Warzone ship cinematic has already been disabled

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software says it's already disabled the game's new pre-match cinematic.

In a tweet, the developer told players that video, which shows the Vodianoy ship running aground upon the beaches of Verdansk, won't play at the start of each match any longer. If you've missed the cinematic, however, you can still check it out in a follow-up message under that original tweet.

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Raven hasn't confirmed why it's making the change, although there are a couple of reasonable theories. The first is that removing the 30-second cutscene will let players get back into a new game quicker, but the suggestion that the developer has had to "disable" the video could mean that it's hoping to tackle another, more auditory problem. 

As best pointed out by well-known streamer Nickmercs - who can be seen shouting theatrically over the noise of the shipwreck on Twitch - the short clip is uncomfortably loud, and Raven may have wanted to make some tweaks, but it seems unlikely at this point that the cutscene will be coming back.

While the crash footage might not be that popular, the shipwreck itself is proving an intriguing new arrival to Warzone. Immediately after the Call of Duty Warzone Season Two update dropped yesterday, the new point of interest had become an extremely busy hot-drop, and is also likely to be the focal point of the arrival of Zombies within Warzone.

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