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Black Friday projector deals 2021 - what could happen this year

Black Friday projector deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

Black Friday projector deals are going to be, in their own way, some of the biggest display discounts (literally) in this year's sales. If you're interested in filling a wall, or switching from a traditional TV this year, then these offers are going to be for you.

It's probably the best time of year to buy a new projector (or take your setup to new heights by upgrading from one of the best gaming TVs) as the Black Friday projector deals see the list prices of everything come tumbling down. There are plenty of discounts to take advantage of, from the cream of the projector crop in categories like best 4K projector, best projector for gaming, and best projector for PS5 and Xbox Series X, right down to more budget options like the best portable projectors and best outdoor projectors.

As with the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X and best 120hz 4K TV, prices for top tier projectors can rank among the 'need to remortgage my home to afford' kind of levels, but like those TVs, the Black Friday projector deals are the best way to avoid this and will see any brand premiums nullified, suddenly bring models into 'genuinely affordable' territory.

But why should you be interested in a projector over a TV in the year 2021? Well, from a gaming perspective, there has been a wave of genuinely good gaming projectors that ensure a console or PC experience isn't hampered by projecting images on a massive scale - latency has come right down, connectivity has improved, and the sheer image quality available can now, sometimes, rival even that of the best QLED TVs and best OLED TVs. As a result, the Black Friday projector deals can offer the best ways to getting a wall-filling screen-giver, as well as the best chance you'll get to save money on a 4K or gaming-focused upgrade. Nice.

Just as a public service announcement, however, definitely remember to check out our best projector screen guide to ensure you're throwing your picture onto the right surface. Bookmark this page if you're going to be after one, and read on for key info and some rough predictions.

Where will the best Black Friday projector deals be?

We will be compiling and collating all the best Black Friday projector deals right here - so bookmark this page - but, of course, we know who the go-to retailers are going to be already. These are the ones we're noting down already to check out as we get closer to the big day, so if you fancy a poke around now, here are the pages to go to.

the easiest and best choice for first visits on a projector hunt
Best Buy:
regularly price matches and has a decent choice of projectors with cuts
Dell: stockists of primarily Epson projectors but a good place for parts too
Samsung: the maker of the Premier line of projectors will run deals this winter, surely
known for its PC-focus but stocks well on projectors
often price matches and has brick and mortar stores to collect from

should always be your first port of call for projector deals
Samsung: go straight to the source of the Premiere projector maker
Very: always a solid retailer option, and should have great deals this winter
the favourite electronics UK retailer has a great variety, and often offers deals
Argos: with the possibility of same-day delivery, Argos' stock is worth a look for an instant hit
John Lewis:
bag a generous warranty with your projector from John Lewis
offers a wide range from a whole host of brands
Ebuyer: the PC specialist has a great stock list of projectors right now

When will the Black Friday projector deals start?

Mark Friday, November 26 in your calendar as that's when this year's biggest and best Black Friday projector deals are going to happen. But, as always, some retailers will fire out the deals and price cuts earlier and earlier, meaning that we should all be on the lookout from mid-to-late October onwards. We always reckon the best deals won't appear until the big day itself, but this isn't an air-tight fact, so it always pays to be in deals hunting mode from October to capitalise on any deals that do come about.

Should I wait for the Black Friday projector deals?

Given that some of the best projectors can have steep price tags, and we all want to get premium goods for the best possible price, the answer to this question is an emphatic 'yes'. The prices will absolutely be at their best when the deals kick in properly in the week of Black Friday and we'd say it's very unlikely that anything now, or in October more broadly, will be beat the big discounts coming at the end of November.

Black Friday projector TV deals: what to expect

Samsung Premiere LSP7T

(Image credit: Samsung)

Trying to pick out specifics can get tricky given the projector market's size and diversity now, but the flip side of this means that there is likely to be something for everyone, no matter what you're looking for. However, when highlighting a few models or brands, we can see the price cuts we're likely to get this year (hopefully).

At the premium end of the market, the most famous and well-known name in projector land is likely to be the Samsung Premiere range. This only consists of two models (the LSP9T and LSP7T), but both have made waves in the home projector market since their 2020 release. The slightly more affordable model, the LSP7T, regularly stays around its list price of $3,500 but could see at least an equal lowest-ever price when the Black Friday projector deals start - it has seen a $500 discount multiple times in the past year, and went down to its lowest ever price of $2,800 during Prime Day in June. Given some more time between now and the projector's release, and the general trend of electronic items' prices, matching this price, at least, seems a decent shout.

BenQ X1300i

(Image credit: BenQ)

Slightly older models that still very much stand up like the BenQ TH671ST might be worth considering too given the value to be had if a deal comes around. This model has seen plenty of price cuts since its release but for some reason, we fancy seeing a big cut on this one as BenQ looks to its newer models - it's been down to around $600 before so why not $500 this year? It usually retails at the $750 mark so this would be a third off!

In the portable market, the Anker Nebula II is a highly regarded model but still something that has a sizeable price tag given its diminutive size. A near-$600 portable projector, its lowest ever price was around $400, back in October last year, and so a similar price this year would be very welcome, and not out of the question. Could be just in time for some Christmas visual projecting!

And, as always, this year's going to be the first discount period for a lot of newer models. That means we're bound to see great deals on them and even have a good chance of seeing the lowest-ever prices. Models like the BenQ X1300i, the slightly older BenQ GV1 portable projector, and the Epson EF-12 are good calls for this.

Today's best deals

If you can't wait and need to see what the latest prices are right now on some top projectors, then we have your back. Our price-finding tech always roots out the latest and best prices, no matter where you are, and below you can find exactly that for a few select models. While it's probably best for the Black Friday projector deals to come around properly, you might find a great price right now. Weirder things have happened, after all.

For broader looks at the primary gaming display scene in this year's sales period, then check out our predictions for the upcoming Black Friday QLED TV deals and Black Friday OLED TV deals, as well as the Black Friday PS5 TV deals that are bound to occur next month.

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