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Black Friday PC case deals 2021 - get the best prices on your next system's shell

Black Friday PC case deals
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Black Friday PC case deals are an ideal way to build inside of one the best PC cases when investing in a new rig, especially if you're thinking of running the best RAM for gaming, best graphics cards, and best CPU for gaming in your machine. 

As any good PC builder knows, if you buy a cheap or low-grade case, eventually you're going to run into issues such as poor cable management or a lack of space for expansion in the future. That's why Black Friday PC case deals are such a great opportunity, as computer cases have largely been unaffected by the ongoing shortages of vital components that we've seen throughout the pandemic. 

Whether you're in the market for a Full Tower behemoth, aiming for a small form factor powerhouse, and everything in between, you're sure to make substantial savings this Black Friday on all the must-have models.

When will the Black Friday gaming PC case deals start?

Black Friday is taking place this year on November 26, though it's a challenge to nail the exact start date for deals as they seem to be happening earlier and earlier every year. Black Friday gaming PC case deals tend to run long, too, extending out over the weekend and into Cyber Monday, depending on the retailer. 

Where will the best Black Friday gaming PC case deals be?

In all honesty, it's a fairly even spread between some of the bigger online retailers, as these particular items aren't quite fought over as much as some of the other PC components or tech items on the day. For a rough idea of what deals are available now, this is what you can expect from the online storefronts heading into the sales event. 

Low prices on high-end makes with a few deals available
Best Buy: A few offers are available on Corsair and NZXT PC cases
Walmart: Many deep discounts are live for budget Mid Tower PC cases
Newegg: Well stocked with boutique tempered glass RGB PC cases
B&H Photo: Consistently low prices on Lian and Fractal Design models

Amazon: Steady, if small, discounts on all major PC case brands
Currys: Small savings on available on Corsair, NZXT, Thermaltake, and more
eBuyer: Minor discounts on NZXT, Corsair, and Thermaltake
Very: Low prices on MSI MAG and MPG gaming PC cases 

Black Friday PC case deals: What to expect

Want to save a good chunk of change on Black Friday gaming PC case deals? You're in luck - these are normally winners in terms of healthy discounts.

When we think about some of our favorite gaming PC cases, such as the Thermaltake View 51 and its price history on Amazon, it's overall a very consistent story. Normally, this case retails for $230, but it does in fact see one of its deepest price cuts around the sales event, hovering around the $170 mark. That shaves a full $60 off its MSRP. 

It's a similar story with the NZXT H510 Elite, which we ranked as our pick for classiest Mid-Tower. This case would otherwise sell for $170, but on Black Friday 2020, it was knocked all the way down to $130. It can be expected then that even the biggest and most revered gaming PC cases are going to be eligible for at least a minor price drop. 

Black Friday gaming PC case deals

(Image credit: Razer)

Today's best deals

Our price comparison software is equipped with an intimate knowledge of all of the comings and goings across the internet, and it uses this information to bring you the best gaming PC case deals this side of Black Friday on some of our favorite models. 

Great prices on the some of the best gaming PC cases

NZXT H710i: This gaming PC case is our number one pick for its modern aesthetics, building space, and effective airflow all throughout. If you're in the market for a mid-tower and want something a little more understated, then we can't recommend it more. 

Thermaltake View 71: It's not all about mid-towers, however, as the View 71 demonstrates; sometimes to build with big ideas in mind, you really do need that extra storage space to accommodate your ambition. 

MSI MAG Forge 100R: There's no reason why a gaming PC case has to cost the Earth, but here's hoping that on Black Friday you will be able to find this model with a couple dollars shaved off its asking price, too. 

Having a great gaming PC case this Black Friday is just one side of the story; make sure you keep up to date with Black Friday CPU deals and Black Friday RAM deals to build a behemoth of a battlestation for less. 

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