Best Fortnite headsets for 2019

best fortnite headsets

If you want an edge on the island, you need the best Fortnite headset you can get. And, with up to 99 other people gunning for you, that edge can make the difference between Victory Royale and and untimely death in the Wailing Woods. Or anywhere else for that matter. But what actually makes the 'best' Fortnite headset? While most gaming headsets bring on superior sound and comfort, there are some specially designed to make the most of Fortnite or online shooters like it. 

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Essentially, the best Fortnite headset is one that combines a great mic, for chatting in cooperative modes, with pin-point surround and spacial sound, so you can tell where gunfire and building is happening, and hear any footsteps that are creeping up behind you or shuffling around inside a building. These are the fine margins that can keep you alive. Sure, the headset needs to be comfortable, as it's sitting on your head for hours while you play, but the quality of sound is what really matters here. So, whereas you'll see many of the same models here as you would in our best PS4 headset and best Xbox One headset guides, we've specifically picked the ones below because they offer superior surround sound, reliable mics, and that extra layer of comfort. If you're serious about winning in Fortnite, these are the headsets to get. If you want to know about our process, here's how we test gaming headsets on GamesRadar.

1. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

The best Fortnite headset - for a price

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 498g | Cable length: 5ft | Drivers: 50mm | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter not included), Switch, Mac, mobile

Incredible spacial sound
Very comfy, even for glasses
Optimized for shooters

The latest Turtle Beach headset is fine-tuned for Fortnite. While not as good an all-rounder as some of the other headsets in this list, the Elite Pro 2 has a whole host of features that make it perfect for shooters. The best feature is what Turtle Beach call 'Superhuman hearing', which basically enhances the incidental sounds around you and puts them in a spacial context. In other words, you hear footsteps, gunfire, and building with amazing clarity, and you can pinpoint exactly where it's coming from and how far away it is. It's a game changer for Fortnite.

Elsewhere, the Elite Pro 2 is very comfortable too, with soft ear cushions and a nicely padded headband, and the mic is clear and well designed. You can even detach it if you don't want to chat. The core sound quality of the headset is great for gaming, with excellent surround sound and decent bass and treble. No, this isn't the headset for watching movies and TV (but it's certainly not poor), because everything is tuned towards competitive gaming. Yes, it's an expensive investment, but hearing that Superhuman hearing in action is worth every penny, if you're serious about getting an edge in Fortnite. There are special versions for PS4 and Xbox One, but compatibility runs across all headsets, and includes PC and Switch too.

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

2. Turtle Beach Recon 200

The best budget headset for Fortnite

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Drivers: 40mm | Cable length: 1.2m | Weight: 499g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile

Really good price
Good sound
Reliable mic
Few extra features

No, the Recon 200 isn't the best gaming headset you can buy. However, what you get for the very reasonable price is brilliant - not everyone has $250 to drop on an all-singing, all-dancing headset. The sound here is nice and clear, even with the fact the Recon 200 uses 40mm drivers instead of 50mm. It punches well above its weight. The mic is excellent too, which is ideal for chatting, and the bass boost does add extra weight to any explosions you hear.

In terms of comfort, Turtle Beach excels at making headsets that can be worn for hours and hours of play. The Recon 200 is a nice, snug headset, and is padded in all the right places for long-time wear. Budget has been saved on materials, so you don't get metal trim or a lengthy connection cable, but once this is plugged into your controller and on your head it makes no real difference. For $60/£50 this is great value for money, and a perfect headset for playing Fortnite (or gift for someone who does).

Compatibility: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

3. Audio Technica ATH-AG1x

A great headset at a high price

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.2m (and 2m extension cable) | Drivers: 53mm | Weight: 320g (without cable) | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One (with adapter), Mac, mobile, tablets

Unprecedented sound quality
Great comfort ensures stress-free, long gaming sessions
Additional windscreen blocks out unwanted ambient sound
Headphones may need adjusting a first for a correct fit

It isn't the cheapest headset in this guide, but - for a balance of performance versus cost - the Audio Technica ATH-AG1x is the best Fortnite headset you can buy. Here's why. The audio quality on the ATH-AG1x is brilliant, and the sound you can get from the 53mm drivers is incredible - it's incredibly rich. The headphones themselves are extremely comfortable, thanks to the significant on-ear padding and the comfortable headband. But it's the additional features that make it a great choice for gaming, and Fortnite in particular. The windscreen, for example, allows for heavy breathing and ambient noises such as wind to be removed from voice chat, so you won't annoy your team mates if you have a window open or if there are other noises in your house.

The microphone manages to deliver crisp, clear voice chat, which is essential for when you're communicating with up to four friends in regular battle royale mode. Not only that, the headset comes with a 3D Wing Support system which, if you forgive the overblown name, will rid you of that unnecessary feeling of being lumbered with a headset at all. This headset is lightweight, yet belies its weight with a crisp, rich soundscape that will offer fantastic directional output, to ensure you’ll get the upper hand on your opponents.

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

4. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

For those who want to play with the big boys

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Cable length: 1.5m | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 425g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, mobile, tablets

Punchy bass
Can barely feel the headset on your head
Great microphone design
A little heavier than some of its peers

While a wireless option is available, those who don’t stray too far from their consoles or monitors may be best suited by the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. Boasting a sleek design akin to something out of the realms of sci-fi, the latest from manufacturers SteelSeries doesn’t skimp on the sound quality, providing an audio setup that booms through the exceedingly comfortable cans. Even the most minute of movements will be picked up by the Arctis Pro.

But what good is a headset on Fortnite if you can’t bark out orders to your squad to scream at them to get the hell out of dodge when a storm is passing through? Thankfully, the sturdy yet flexible microphone tucked away within the headset presents a crystal-clear quality that is almost unmatched on the market. And if you’re in the mood for some moody moaning, you can even double-check the mute button is toggled on with its illumination feature. Neat (and potentially friend-saving).

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

5. Astro A40 TR Headset

More bang for your V-Bucks

Acoustic design: Closed Back (can be adjusted to Open Back) | Cable length: 3m | Drivers: 40mm | Weight: 360g | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, mobile, tablets

Adjustable headband allowsfor simple ease-of-use
Customisable speaker tags gives a personal touch
Outstanding booming bass
Clunky design
Microphone doesn't stack up to others at this price point.

If you’re on the lookout for a less-rigid headset then Astro’s AR40 headset may be just the one for you. An adjustable headband, customisable speaker tags and even a swappable precision microphone means that this is a Fortnite headset that will bend to your whims, without feeling cheap or poorly-constructed. As expected for a headset at this price point, the sound is rich, with added oomph and fantastic directional output that will make sure you’re never caught off guard.

However, there are a few minor quibbles you should be aware of. For one thing, the design may not appeal to everyone, with its boxy shape and clunky aesthetic. The microphone, too, while still of considerable quality, can come across as slightly high-pitched on occasion which isn’t ideal. Having said that, the microphone can be swapped out if it bothers you that much.

Compatible with: PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch

6. Razer Kraken Pro V2

Sharp sound – and a headset that won’t cut through your budget

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 322g | Cable length: 1.3m | Drivers: 50mm | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter not included), Switch, PC

Can be used for many purposes, include podcasts
Extremely comfortable build, with a light headband
Handles weighty bass terrifically 
Please don't buy the green one
Earcups may need fine-tuning at first

For those who want to mimic the pros but don’t want to shell out too much for them: you can unleash your very own inner-Ninja on Fortnite with the Razer Kraken Pro V2. The first thing you’ll notice upon wearing them is just how comfortable they are. It’s not an overstatement to suggest that it barely feels like you’re wearing headphones on occasion, let alone ones that provide some of the clearest, unobtrusive sound, including a fantastic bass.

When it comes to anything under $100/£100 the Razer Kraken Pro V2 may be the essential purchase. Sure, the green skin (should you choose it) may be a little too garish for many, but it’s hard to argue with the sheer specs and features: a snug 99.5mm diameter cup lends itself to a snug fit when adjusted proper, and there’s even very fancy sounding cooling gel cushions and a cable reinforced by Kevlar.

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

7. Sennheiser GAME ONE

You'll keep saying 'one more game' with this headset

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 301g | Cable length: 3m | Drivers: 35mm | Compatibility: PC, PS4 (adapter required), Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter not included), Switch, PC

Lightweight, minimal, and sleek: probably the best-looking headset out there
Easy to plug-in and play
Adds weight to every game you play thanks to its exceptional audio
Sound can tend to leak out
Poor bass compared to some at this price range
No removable cable

Sennheiser and sound almost go hand-in-hand at this point. It’s no surprise, then, that the GAME ONE (yes, I will use caps, thank you very much) belies its meagre 35mm drivers to deliver a pulsating sense of gamefeel within its audio. Try playing Alien: Isolation or, even scarier, being the last man standing in your Squad and you’ll see what I mean. Chills.

It’s not without its faults, though. You may baulk at the price, even if Sennheiser is a guaranteed mark of quality in the industry, and the little quibbles – sound not being quite contained, no removable cable – can prevent this from being as versatile as some of the other headsets around, there’s no denying that this is a quality piece of equipment wrapped up in Sennheiser’s sexiest design yet.

Compatible with: PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch

8. Logitech G Pro Headset

A pro headset that doesn't break the bank

Acoustic design: Closed Back | Weight: 259g | Cable length: 2m | Drivers: 40mm | Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, VR

Subtle headset that doesn't get in the way
Sturdy build that won't break anytime soon
The bass can be overbearing

You can tell pro gamers across the world have weighed in on the Logitech Pro G. The noise-cancelling is pitch-perfect, the sound heavy without feeling too hectic and it’s incredible comfortable to wear in either short bursts or longer Fortnite sessions. You know the ones: where you’re trying to hunt down another challenge treasure map.

Logitech has gone all-out to provide gamers with a no-frills design that focuses on the sound and voice quality. It’s so good, in fact, that you easily ditch your console and take them out and about with you without looking like something from a dystopian nightmare.

Compatible with: PS4 and Xbox One

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