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An Assassin's Creed movie VR experience is on the way

Ok so we’re not getting our yearly fix of sneaky hooded stabbing this year with no new Assassin's Creed game in 2016 but there’s no need to check into the priory with hidden blade withdrawal just yet. The Michael Fassbender starring Assassin's Creed movie is getting a VR ‘experience’ from Fox and virtual reality devs Practical Magic.

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In what definitely won’t be the last juicy VR nugget to come out of GDC - we’re expecting a PlayStation VR release date and price tonight - the announcement was made at AMD’s conference. Practical Magic head Matthew Lewis didn’t reveal much about the experience but was very clear that it’s definitely not a game.

The experience - has it lost all meaning for you yet? - was shot alongside the movie at its various location shoots including Malta, Spain and London’s Pinewood Studios. Ubi already has some VR titles in the works, including a multiplayer Eagle flight sim and has teamed up with horror studio SpectreVision to create “unforgettable” and probably terrifying headset adventures. I'll keep you updated on the Brotherhood's VR experience.

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