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Apex Legends vault locations: How to get the key and open the room

Apex Legends vault key
(Image credit: EA)

For over a week now, players have been patiently waiting for the Apex Legends loot vault to open up, as there's been a timer on all three of the Apex Legends vault locations indicating when they will unlock. The timer has expired a day early however, as the Apex Legends vault key can now be obtained in game. Season 3 for Apex Legends has been going on for just over a week and it's brought a lot of players back to the game – especially with the upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event – so here's everything we know about the Apex Legends loot vault on World's Edge, and how to get the Apex Legends vault key.

What is the Apex Legends loot vault and where is it?

Apex Legends loot vault locations

(Image credit: EA)

As you'd expect from the name, the Apex Legends loot vault is a room with lots of loot. Wild, right? Thing is, there's actually multiple Apex Legends vaults on World's Edge. We've got all of the Apex Legends vault locations on the map above, and when you approach each one, you're presented with a locked door that says "vault key required".

If you ping the door, your character will mention needing a vault key to open it. But how do you get a vault key in Apex Legends? It's not quite so simple as looting and crossing your fingers that you find one, unfortunately. Apex Legends vault keys are found exclusively in the loot drones flying around the map, that change colour from blue, to purple, to gold, which indicates the tier of loot you'll get when you shoot it down.

However, it's also possible to find a drone – showing any colour – that also has some red panels on, rather than being completely one colour. If you find one of these, it means there's a vault key inside. You'll need to look closely though because a few red panels are tough to spot from afar.

If you shoot one down and it's got a vault key in it, head to any of the three vaults on the map – pray nobody has opened it already – and grab as much of the high tier loot as you can. You're now set for the rest of the game, so good luck!

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