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Apex Legends gold magazine: How the new extended mag works

Apex Legends gold magazine
(Image credit: EA)

Releasing in conjunction with the launch of Season 8, the Apex Legends gold magazine is a brand new item players can find in-game. Since Apex Legends launched, the extended mag has had three tiers of loot drop, but this new legendary variant adds another, highly-sought after perk into the mix. So if you're wondering exactly what the deal is with the Apex Legends gold magazine, carry on reading.

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Apex Legends gold magazine explained

Apex Legends gold magazine

(Image credit: EA)

Much like other attachments in the game, the gold extended mag in Apex Legends doesn't simply carry on the benefits of the previous tiers of extended mag. So while on the Flatline for example, a standard heavy extended mag will increase the ammo capacity to 25, the rare will offer 28, and the epic will provide 30, the legendary gold magazine will also provide 30. So what benefit does it actually offer?

All gold magazines have the Autoloader perk, which means that having a gold magazine on your weapon will provide an automatic reload. That's right; whenever you switch weapons and have the one with the gold extended mag holstered, it will automatically reload on your back. Long gone are the times of switching back to your gun having forgotten to reload it before and being stuck reloading in a firefight.

Gold magazines in Apex Legends will be available for all four ammo types – light, heavy, energy, and sniper – but it does mean that there's a chance you might find one for a weapon you're not carrying. It's not a game-changing perk so we wouldn't recommend sacrificing an otherwise fully kitted-out gun for a lesser weapon with a gold magazine, but it'll be a lovely booster if you come across one that fits your gun. As for finding one in the first place, just loot as much as possible – there's unfortunately no secret to the random loot pool!

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