How to solve the Atomic Heart VDNH door code

Atomic Heart VDNH door code combination lock on door
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Find the Atomic Heart VDNH door code by searching the blackboard in the office opposite the combination lock door and you can get a loot chest for your efforts. If you've made it to the VDNH, you'll need to head inside the correct office anyway to help a nearby, malfunctioning Tereshkova robot. Note the code you find on the blackboard and enter it to get inside one of the VDNH’s exhibits and you can grab some useful Atomic Heart materials and a new blueprint, so it’s worth solving. With an eight-button combination, this isn't a lock you'll be able to brute force, so here’s exactly where to look to get the Atomic Heart VDNH door code.

Where to find the VDNH door code in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart VDNH door code on office blackboard

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To find the Atomic Heart VDNH door code head through the office door opposite the combination lock and look at the blackboard on the right wall of the office – you’ll know you’re in the right place if you see an Engineer robot staring at a dead tour guide. If you can’t get inside this room, speak to the broken Tereshkova robot about retrieving her arm and a mission marker should guide you inside.

As with the Atomic Heart station master puzzle, enter the code by turning on the white lights on the combination lock so that they match the shape, position, and order as shown on the blackboard code. Correctly, entering the code will deactivate the combination lock on the door, allowing you to get inside the scale model of the Tokamak Complex that you can see as soon as you enter the VDNH. You’ll find a chest full of loot – I got a good amount of ammo and various resources, a Large Neuromed Capsule, and a blueprint for the Snowball melee weapon – a decent melee weapon but not one of the best Atomic Heart weapons in our opinion. If you need help with any other locks then we've got all the Atomic Heart lockpicking puzzles covered too.

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