Atomic Heart door code for the station master combination lock

Atomic Heart locking mechanism on station master's office door
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The Atomic Heart station master door code puzzle requires you to find the button code for the combination lock blocking the station master’s office. It’s a puzzle lock that you must solve early in the Vavilov Complex while on your search for Petrov as part of the “Wanted Dead or Alive: Victor Petrov” mission. After you’ve found the lock on the station master's office, you can speak to a nearby Chatty Corpse, who will tell you that the now dead station master had the schematic for the Atomic Heart lock, so you'll need to look for him to get the combination. Here’s where you can find the combination lock code for the station master's office in Atomic Heart.

Where to find the station master combination lock code in Atomic Heart

Once you’ve come across the combination lock module blocking the station master’s office, look to the right of the Chatty Corpse and you’ll be able to get through a narrow pathway that runs up the side of the cable car route. At the end of this path, you’ll find the dead station master, so look at his feet and you’ll spot the combination code on a sheet of paper.

Atomic Heart dead station master with lock combination document

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Animal tank puzzle

Atomic heart animal tank puzzle

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Further into the Vavilov Complex, you'll come across the Atomic Heart animal tank puzzle

To solve this lock, make sure you remember or note the arrow path shown on the sheet, including the start and end points, as you need to make sure you activate the combination in the correct order too. Now head back to the lock and move the cursor over the correct lights and press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation to turn them on. Successfully solve the combination lock puzzle and you’ll deactivate the locking device and can get through to the office to activate the cable car line.

Atomic Heart solution to white light combination lock puzzle on station master's office with solution document

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These Atomic Heart combination locks are rare and do appear later in the game after you've left the Vavilov Complex, such as the one for the Atomic Heart VDNH door code. Make sure you’re clued up on how to solve the other types of Atomic Heart lockpicking puzzles too, and understand the strange Atomic Heart laser puzzles.

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