Ariana Grande Fortnite concert has Piggy Smallz, a Mac Miller tribute, and minigames

Ariana Grande Fortnite
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The first showing of the Ariana Grande Fortnite musical journey aired today, and it's full of minigames, music, and more. 

The Ariana Grande Rift Tour musical journey kicked off at 6pm ET / 3pm PT / 11pm BST in Fortnite. It starts with players standing atop the giant mothership in the center of the map for a few moments before a huge rift opens, sucking everyone in. Within the rift, you float towards what seems to be the sleeping body of Fortnite-ified Ariana, who wakes up and reaches out her hand to you. 

Form there, you're immediately transported onto a colorful, winding racing track not unlike Super Mario Kart's Rainbow Road that you and other players careen around. You can slide into objects that cause small explosions of light before you're transported to a strange planet/rock made of yarn that you can bounce up and down on, to music that isn't Ariana's. A strange choice, but perhaps it's meant to be more like opening acts? 

Then you're dropped into an airplane with three other players, circling a gigantic monster covered in purple crystals. Shoot the crystals and the surrounding boulders and earn points, and the final tally is displayed after the brief gamified interlude is over. The screen goes black before dozens of Fortnite players appear in the void, standing or kneeling. You can help up other players or be helped up by them in a touching nod to togetherness before it launches you into the first song: 'raindrops (an angel cried)'. From that point forward it's all pastel rainbows, clouds, llama unicorns, and giant Ariana Grande in a crystal dress lipsyncing to her hits. 

Ariana Grande Fortnite setlist: 

  • raindrops (an angel cried)
  • 7 rings
  • Be Alright
  • The Way feat. Mac Miller
  • R.E.M.
  • positions

About halfway through the event, the open notes of 'The Way' begin as the Fortnite version of Grande ascends a giant staircase in the sky. This could be a tribute to the late Mac Miller, who is featured on the song and dated Grande for around two years. 

After the music ends, there's a brief moment called "The Aftermath" where you can try and fly through rainbow rings while astride a llama unicorn - the same minigame featured during the 'R.E.M' portion of Grande's performance. If you missed the Ariana Grande Fortnite Rift Tour, don't fret, as there are a few more chances to watch it this weekend. Head to the Fortnite Rift Tour for details on when to catch the popstar in action. 

Was the Fortnite Ariana Grande Rift Tour the pinnacle of in-game concerts?

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