Arbiter actor is teasing the character’s return in Halo Infinite

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Veteran Halo actor Keith David is teasing fans about a potential return as the Arbiter in the upcoming Halo Infinite.

Below, you can see a tweet posted by David at the very end of 2020, in which he jokingly responds to a fan asking if he's in Halo Infinite by answering that he'd have to kill them if he said. This obviously isn't confirmation in any way that David is back on board as the Arbiter for Halo Infinite, but it's still an eyebrow-raising tease from the veteran Halo actor.

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If the Arbiter was to return for Halo Infinite, it wouldn't be a huge surprise, given the character's involvement in developer 343's current Halo trilogy. While the character was absent from Halo 4, the Arbiter returned for Halo 5: Guardians, rounding out the game by reuniting with the Master Chief as Cortana takes a villainous turn. The ending of Halo 5: Guardians could be seen as setting up Master Chief reuniting with the Arbiter for the forthcoming mission in Infinite.

So far, Keith David has leant his vocals to the role of the Arbiter every time the character has appeared in a mainline Halo game. Taking up the role in Halo 2, 3, and Guardians, other actors have replaced David when the Arbiter appeared in both Halo Wars and Killer Instinct as a playable fighter. The Arbiter is undoubtedly a fan-favorite character in the Halo universe, hence the fan asking David if he would be returning for Halo Infinite.

Ultimately, we'll have a fair wait to find out whether the Arbiter really is appearing in Halo Infinite. 343's upcoming sequel was delayed out of launching alongside the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in November 2020, and is now scheduled to launch a full year later in Fall 2021. There hasn't been a whole lot of news surrounding the sequel of late, but 343 pledged to be "more communicative" with fans over the coming months.

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