Halo Infinite developer "plans to be much more communicative" in future

Halo Infinite
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The developer of Halo Infinite says it wants to do more to communicate with fans. In a recent blog post, 343 Industries community manager John 'Unyshek' Junyszek said that the team had been "quiet longer than we'd like."

In the blog post, Junyszek said that "we see that you, our community, have so many questions and are hungry for more information," and that "we want nothing more to answer your questions. We can't wait to go into deep detail about the rich story and characters in the Halo Infinite campaign." Elsewhere, he claims says "we know you're all very eager to know what's going on with Infinite and due [to] a myriad of circumstances in the wake of our date change, we've been quiet longer than we'd like. To combat that, Junyszek says that "we're working with the team to provide an end of year update and establish plans to be more communicative in the coming months."

That deep dive will feature information on customisation and progression in multiplayer, as well as the content available across the rest of the game. There's no exact word, however, on when it will arrive - Junyszek says that "the best we can say right now is 'when it's ready'. That's not the same as 'when it's done,' but it's still 'not yet'." He does say that the next and final community update of 2020 will drop on December 17, and that "I think we'll be ending the year on a pretty strong note," but what that might mean is still a mystery.

Halo Infinite was due to be one of the Xbox Series X launch games, but was eventually delayed until 2021. There's been no word on when we should expect Master Chief to rear his head again, but it does sound as though 343 is gearing up to show quite a lot off.

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