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Apple AirPods sale - the earbuds have fallen in price

Apple AirPods sale - the earbuds have fallen in price
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Look alive people, there's an Apple Airpods sale kicking off at the moment. It'll save you a good amount of cash on the popular earbuds in the US and the UK, which isn't bad going for a must-have Apple product like this. Specifically, the 2019 model (with and without a wireless charging case) has dropped in price on Amazon. In addition, the Pro equivalent has also seen a price cut on either side of the Atlantic.

Indeed, this Apple AirPods sale offers a $30 / £40 reduction on the 2019 Airpods with the wireless charging case. That brings the hot new earbuds down to just $169 or £159 on the other side of the pond. Meanwhile, the standard 2019 Apple AirPods with a normal charging case have tumbled to $139 / £126.45. There's even a deal to be had on the 2019 AirPods Pro if you act fast; they're now $229.99 on Amazon in the US and £208.98 in the UK via Scan. Each of these deals offers tremendous bang for buck, so act fast if you want to secure yours.

Apple AirPods sale

Apple AirPods (2019) + wireless charging case | $199 $169 on Amazon
This $30 discount is the best price cut we've seen for quite some time on these high-end earbuds. The offer becomes even more tempting with the wireless charging case, too.
Buy it UK: £199 £159 on AmazonView Deal

Apple AirPods (2019) + charging case | $159 $139 on Amazon
If you'd rather spend a bit less and aren't fussed about wireless charging, this offer on the standard 2019 AirPods is definitely worth taking note of. You get the same incredible quality, for less.
Buy it UK: £159 £126.81 on AmazonView Deal

Apple AirPods Pro + wireless charging case | $249 $229.99 on Amazon
Want the very best Apple AirPods for less? The AirPod Pro earbuds are now on offer via Amazon in the US, and Scan in the UK. They provide active noise cancellation, sweat and water resistance, and Transparency mode to let outside sound in.
Buy it UK: £250 £208.98 on ScanView Deal

No matter which version of AirPods you choose, they should all be compatible with modern iPhones - some of the best gaming phones on offer right now.

This isn't the first Apple-related offer we've had this week, of course. An eye-catching iPad sale also hit the internet recently, and it has some pretty awesome discounts to take advantage of.

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