Apex Legends is getting a new tropical island map with murderous monsters next month

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends has revealed a brand new map for the upcoming Season 11 next month.

Just below, you can check out the new trailer for Escape, the tagline for the forthcoming Season 11 of Apex Legends. Simply put, the trailer shows our legends taking off to what they think is a tropical paradise island, before they're all ambushed by various monstrous creatures and forced to fight each other to the death. As you do on every tropical island vacation.

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The trailer is mainly set up to tease what many assume will be a brand new map in Season 11. It looks as though our new map will be an island location, incorporating the local horrific wildlife as antagonistic forces for players to contend with. Apex Legends players have got used to taking on local wildlife before, with the winged Flyers circling the King's Canyon map, but it looks like the wildlife here will actually be out to get you for a change.

There's also the introduction of Ash, the new Legend joining the Apex Games. For those unfamiliar, Ash was one of the antagonists of Titanfall 2, crushed in the hands of the protagonist's Titan and left for dead. Since then, the former antagonist joined Apex Legends in the form of an announcer for the Arenas mode, but now the robotic killer is actually entering the Apex Games, after a cinematic trailer earlier this week fleshed out her backstory, and established her relationship to Horizon.

As the reveal trailer for Escape shows, developer Respawn will be showcasing the new map in full, next week on October 25. That's all before Apex Legends: Escape launches at the beginning of next month, introducing Ash, the new CAR SMG, and more on November 2. It's a pretty exciting time to be an avid Apex Legends player, and this new Escape update could be one of the biggest to hit the battle royale game yet.

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