Ash from Titanfall 2 is coming to Apex Legends as a playable character

Apex Legends is adding Ash from Titanfall 2 as its next playable character.

Following a trio of comics teasing the crossover, Respawn has revealed Ash as Apex Legends' new hero in a cinematic 'Stories from the Ashlands' trailer. The Simulacrum Pilot was first introduced in Titanfall 2 as antagonist Dr. Ashleigh Reid, assistant to Apex Legends' "space mom," Dr. Mary Somers, AKA Horizon. Reid betrayed Somers on a high-stakes mission to obtain Branthium and sent her shuttle into the orbit of a massive black hole, subsequently suffering a mortal wound and requesting to be turned into a simulacrum. So, not exactly the most sympathetic character.

In today's trailer, Horizon mistakenly awakens Ash, believing her to be her long-lost friend Lilian Peck. Naturally, Ash thanks Horizon by promising to kill her once she's made use of some "valuable information." The trailer also suggests Ash's human and robotic personas are clashing, but it's unclear how that'll impact her story going forward, not to mention her gameplay abilities.

Ash appeared at the end of season 5 as a non-playable character and would later get a job as host of Apex Legends' 3v3 Arenas mode. She'll make her debut as a playable hero with the arrival of season 11, which doesn't have a release date quite yet but is expected to go live sometime in the beginning of next month.

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