Apex Legends players report that their ranked progress isn't being saved

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Apex Legends players are reporting that their progress isn't being saved in ranked play.

A thread posted to the official Apex Legends (opens in new tab) subreddit (opens in new tab) earlier today details the pain of one player who says that twice they've played ranked games today, seemingly progressed, only to drop down the ranks again after turning off their system.

"MASSIVE RANKED BUG", the post (opens in new tab) begins (thanks, DBLTAP (opens in new tab)). "I was playing ranked today and got to gold 4, I turned off my console and came back on and it said I was silver 2 again. But then I played one more game and it brought me up to silver 1 and still shows silver 2 on the side. Joining another match says I'm silver 2 again. WTF?"

massive_ranked_bug_i_was_playing_ranked_today_and from r/apexlegends

They're not alone, either. Several players have jumped onto the thread to agree and share their own stories of lost progress, too.

"The same thing literally just happened to me. Grinded 600+ RP last night with two wins, hopped off feeling great, only to log back on this morning to see the same rank I was before grinding last night. I'm so frustrated!" said (opens in new tab) one player, while another added (opens in new tab): "Happened to me today. Also on PS4. Researched the issue. This happened before.

"In April of this year, there was a bug in the data shard where players on that data shard couldn't save their progress they migrated the players from that shard onto another," they added. Someone needs to hit up Respawn on Twitter and get their attention, man."

As yet, Respawn has not responded to the thread, but we'll update as/when we hear more. 

ICYMI, buffs for Bangalore and Crypto arriving soon (opens in new tab), along with possible changes to Fragment East and West, two incredibly infamous areas on the World's Edge map. 

It follows another recent acknowledgment that the new Legend Seer just might be "a bit too strong" (opens in new tab) and Repsawn will be tweaking his abilities "in an upcoming patch". Seer – described as an "Ambush Artist" – joined the roster at the start of Apex Legends Season 10 (opens in new tab), and is already causing contention thanks to his impressive skill set that enables him to sense the heartbeats of nearby players, disrupt revives and shield batteries, and detect any enemies moving or shooting inside of his ultimate ability. 

Apex Legends recently banned over 2,000 players for "dashboarding" (opens in new tab) and abusing a matchmaking exploit that let high-level – or Predator – Legends take on less-experienced Bronze-level players in ranked play. 

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