Apex Legends dev Respawn acknowledges new character Seer is "a bit too strong"

Apex Legends
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New Apex Legends character Seer has only just arrived but developer Respawn has acknowledged he is "a bit too strong" and will be tweaking his abilities "in an upcoming patch". 

"Ambush Artist" Seer joined the roster at the start of Apex Legends Season 10, and is already causing a little controversy thanks to his impressive skill set. 

With a Passive heartbeat sensor, a Tactical ability that can disrupt revives and shield battery use, and an Ultimate Ability that can detect any enemies that are moving or shooting inside of it, some players have complained he's a little (or a lot) too OP. 

And it looks like Respawn agrees. In a Reddit AMA that invited players to feed back on Emergence, when a player asked if we should "be expecting any balancing" on the new arrival any time soon, Respawn committed to "some balance updates in an upcoming patch".

"Seer has launched strong, which was the hope," software engineer Travis Nordin replied. "He's also brought a lot of new gameplay elements to the game (HP bars, interrupt) which has driven a lot of discussion with players, which is great to see. With that being said is probably a bit too strong at the moment and will receiving some balance updates in an upcoming patch."

When asked if we'd have to wait until "midseason" for the change to be actioned, Nordin's confirmation was pretty clear: "Nope, it'll be sooner than that".

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to make Apex Legends dreams a reality? We recently sat down with Respawn to talk about all things Emergence. 

"We're living probably eight or nine months from right now with what we're building and developing," game designer Eric Canavase recently told us. "Our goals are always to push the boundary and make the game the most interesting and exciting game it can possibly be. That comes with taking huge risks on the prototype side. So we might be considering something absolutely batshit crazy for a year from now, but we might learn in three months that it is not gonna work or that it's not fun. 

"We're always pushing the boundary, but we do it with enough lead time where we allow ample time for ourselves to fail early and fail often to find the best viable product."

Apex Legends recently banned over 2,000 players for "dashboarding" and abusing a matchmaking exploit that let high-level – or Predator – Legends take on less-experienced Bronze-level players in ranked play. 

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