Apex Legends could rework Fragment and buff Bangalore

Apex Legends Season 10
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Apex Legends devs recently held a Reddit AMA session, where they addressed character buffs, map changes for the notorious Fragment, and more.

Just below, you can see Apex Legends senior level designer Garrett Metcalf addressing one question about possible changes to Fragment East and West, two incredibly infamous areas on the World's Edge map. Metcalf revealed that while the developers did look at changes to Fragment, it would be a monumental undertaking, and the location could see changes at some point in the future of Apex Legends.

This is actually a pretty big deal to the Apex Legends player base. Fragment East and West are two of the most chaotic and deadly locations in the entire game, namely because countless squads love descending on the two areas at the very beginning of a game to see who emerges the victor. Changes to Fragment East and West would be welcomed by the vast majority of the Apex community, no doubt.

Elsewhere, there could be buffs for Bangalore and Crypto arriving soon. Respawn developer John Ellerton reveals to one fan that improvements to Crypto are currently being looked at, and will arrive in the near future. Metcalf then answers another fan pining for a Bangalore buff, saying that he's also a Bangalore main and feels their pain, and he's actually requested a buff to the character from the balancing team at Respawn.

Finally, a fan asks Respawn how it's going to continue storytelling in Apex Legends, now that the established comics have been taken out of the game entirely. Lead writer Amanda Doiron reveals that, while she can't go into specifics just yet, the team is currently looking at other ways of revealing the story behind characters in Apex Legends, as well as dropping new lore snippets through social media.

The latest season of Apex Legends launched just last week, introducing the incredible newcomer Seer to the character roster. Players have since complained that Seer is somewhat overpowered, able to prevent, healing and reviving with just his tactical ability. Last week, Respawn acknowledged that Seer was "a bit too strong," so we can pretty comfortably expect some changes to the character in the near future.

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