Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy debunks a Star Wars theory on what the prisoners are building

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Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy has debunked a particularly bleak Star Wars theory about what the prisoners are building in the show. Cassian finds himself wrongfully imprisoned in a facility that puts the inmates to work all day, every day. We never find out just what it is they're building, but it appears to be Imperial parts of some kind. 

"I mean look at all the material that they have all over the place," Gilroy told Collider. "That's one of the things that was just blowing my mind. I said, 'Who built all the shit? Who built Scarif? Who built Eadu? Who did all this? Who builds these ships?' So, what are they building? TBD." 

But, there is one idea that Gilroy has shot down. "I heard one theory. Someone said, 'My daughter sent me something: they're building something in the next room, and then they're taking it apart,' which is not true," the showrunner explained. "It's totally nihilistic. I go, 'We're not that dark.' I guess we'll figure it out. Yeah. Yeah. To be seen." 

Cassian managed to break out of the prison in episode 10, though the mystery building project has yet to be revealed. One theory suggests the inmates are building parts for the Death Star, which would be particularly ironic considering a blast from the giant weapon is what eventually kills Cassian in Rogue One

Andor has just two episodes remaining, but the good news is the series is returning for a season 2. "Cassian Andor, at the end of 12 episodes, has finally had some sort of an education," Gilroy told Total Film of the second installment. "It takes a long time for him to make a commitment to the Rebellion, but he's kind of there. And so in the second part, we can explore a bunch of different things and time becomes our friend, then."

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