Andor has a secret audio Easter egg that took viewers months to discover

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Star Wars fans have just discovered that Andor's opening themes, while different for each episode, come together to create one beautiful, cohesive song.

YouTube user Jamie Kelly took the liberty of mixing all of the themes together, stating that he simply "wondered what would happen if he combined them all".

The score for the series was created by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning composer Nicholas Britell who has worked on Succession, Moonlight, and The Big Short. Britell spoke to the official Star Wars website about creating a "grittier, darker vibe" and crafting something different from Star Wars composer John Williams.

"I think, in a way, there’s almost a metaphor there [in the music] for the show. This idea that we are learning, the characters are learning. It’s something a little different. It’s something new and the music is, hopefully, providing a sense of that sense of learning and discovery as well," he explained.

"All the main titles are different. The first main title sort of sets the stage a bit, but each main title is a variation on that theme. And each time as we go, it’s related sometimes to what we’ve just experienced, and sometimes to what we’re about to experience."

Britell did not confirm or deny whether the themes are meant to fit together as one singular song, but regardless of its intentionality, fans are absolutely mesmerized.

"It’s a wonderful metaphor of [sic] the rebellion. Always starting with a voice or catalyst, it grows in number and eventually turns into a symphony," one Youtube user commented.

"Love how all the intros come together to make one cohesive track, kinda like how the individual (rebel) groups will join up to create one cohesive rebellion," said another.

"This was unexpectedly powerful. As if a few voices grow from a murmur to a discordant roar and then into a unified rebellion; both full of anger yet full of hope," a fan commented.

Andor has already been renewed for a second season.

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