Amazon UK now delaying confirmed launch day Xbox Series X deliveries

Xbox Series X
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Amazon is delaying some Xbox Series X shipments on launch day. While some people are getting their new console today, others have been informed that theirs might not show up until the end of the year.

Yesterday, the online retailer started sending out emails stating that supply shortages might delay their Xbox Series X pre-orders by as much as a few weeks. Those emails continued to filter through this morning, meaning that players expecting to receive their consoles today are only just discovering that they could be waiting significantly longer for the new machine to show up.

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The extent of the delays doesn't appear to be the same across all pre-orders. Some users have reportedly been told that they'll need to wait until tomorrow, as while their consoles are in transit, they're coming from further away than expected. Others, however, have been told that they're in worst-case scenario territory - yesterday, Amazon informed some customers that "we expect to ship your console in the coming weeks," and that the Xbox should show up before December 21, more than seven weeks after launch.

If you're one of the Amazon customers affected by this situation, try not to feel too bad - Xbox Series X is in hot demand and low supply pretty much everywhere. We reported earlier on Monday that GameStop will have "a very limited number" of Xbox Series X consoles tonight and on launch day. It's the same deal over on Sony's side, as PS5 pre-orders were zapped up within hours of going live and haven't much resurfaced since then.

If you're among the many who haven't been able to secure an Xbox Series X pre-order at all, your next chance to get your console might be just a few weeks away. It's highly unlikely we'll see any discounts on the console itself any time soon, but do keep tabs on our guide to the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals to see if you can snag a bundle that gets you the console and a game for a bit cheaper than you'd find them separately.

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