Xbox Series X consoles will be in "very limited" supply at GameStop tonight and in-store tomorrow

Xbox Series X deals
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GameStop is selling a "very limited number" of Xbox Series X and S consoles online Monday night and in-store for launch day. 

The company took to Twitter to sound the alarm for Xbox fans who haven't yet been able to capitalize on any Xbox Series X deals or snag a pre-order. Unfortunately, we don't have specifics regarding when exactly we'll see the consoles become available at, so you'll want to refresh with frequency depending on how much you need an Xbox Series X or S in your life at launch.

If you're after a wider selection of merchants in the US, Canada, and the UK though, these are the places to check...

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In terms of in-store sales, you'll also want to get there bright and early to get your console, though don't be surprised to find long lines even then. Basically, it's going to be a struggle, but at least it'll be possible to find one in-store on launch day. On the contrast, Sony has made it explicitly clear that the PS5 launch will be an online only affair.

If you don't manage to score an Xbox Series X this week, all hope is not lost! Keep tabs on our guide to the best Xbox Series X Black Friday bundles, which we'll almost certainly see later this month. There probably won't be any discounted consoles, but you might find some deals that include a console and a game for a bit cheaper than you'd get them separately.

If you still aren't sure which next-gen Xbox is right for you, perhaps read our Xbox Series X review and Xbox Series S review to compare and contrast.

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