After the Fallout show's success, Diablo boss says the ARPG "could translate very well" to TV: "I definitely think it could work"

Diablo 4
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Diablo franchise boss Rod Fergusson reckons Blizzard's long-running action-RPG series would make a great TV show.

Of course, it seems like everyone in the world right now is talking about Amazon Prime's Fallout TV show, and for good reason. But Window Central dutifully asked Fergusson amid Fallout's success if he could envision a similar adaptation for Diablo, and Fergusson is all about it. While nothing's been revealed, and we have no reason to believe there's anything to be revealed, Fergusson said Diablo's universal themes would make for compelling TV.

"Yeah I definitely think it could work," he said. "That's one of the things I really liked about Diablo as an IP, is that it's got very relatable themes because it's The High Heavens versus The Burning Hells, and that idea of Good versus Evil. I think that's something that could translate very well to something like that. You know, I wish I had something I could talk to you about today. But in terms of just the general idea, do I think it could work? I definitely do."

While you wouldn't call Diablo a story-focused game by any stretch of the imagination, the series has a rich foundation of lore that goes back to the original 1997 classic and continues in the most recent installment, 2023's Diablo 4. The series takes place in a universe divided into three realms, one inhabited by angels, another demons, and the third, called Sanctuary, is where humans dwell. Unfortunately, Sanctuary sees plenty of foot traffic from both angels and demons, as well as the titular devil, trying to influence humans in service of their respective goals.

The Fallout TV show, meanwhile, has been a massive success with viewers and critics and has already been given the green light for season 2.

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