Accessorize your PS5's DualSense controllers with this handy official Charging Station dock pre-order

Sony PS5 DualSense Charging Station deals
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Well, we now know everything there is to know about Sony's forthcoming PS5, the tall white monolith that will grace so many of our communal areas, bedrooms, and whatever from November. It's shaping up to be an absolute beast. As such, charging controllers will be more important than ever and Sony has a neat gadget for conveniently doing so and you can pre-order the official PS5 controller charging station right now. We've only got a US charging dock pre-order for you so far, but we'll get more deals added as soon as we spot them.

Let's quickly recap about the PS5, since it's all very exciting. The design is new, with a tall white and black finish, but it's the internals that shine: Sony has totally rethought how everything works together, swapping in an SSD and powerful CPU and GPU, meaning you're getting up 120fps (at 120hz refresh rate) gameplay, 4K (and, if you're feeling wild, 8K) and HDR are supported, and there's a disc-free version. And if that wasn't enough, PS4 games can be played on the PS5. 

The DualSense controller – arguably one of the most important components – has also been rethought, with its striking new design that's slightly more angular, while retaining what we know and love about the classic PS4 controllers. And that's where the Charging Station comes in, letting you charge two controllers simultaneously so the games never stop.

Sony DualSense Charging Station | White | $29.99 from Best Buy

Sony DualSense Charging Station | White | $29.99 from Best Buy
Having to stop playing a game to charge your controller is the worst, trust us, we know. But Sony has a plan: you can charge two controllers at the same time, meaning you'll never be without. That's particularly important if you'll be playing local multiplayer regularly. It ships alongside the PS5 in November.

So, if you're planning on grabbing a PS5 on pre-order or in November, be smart and think about how best to recharge those controllers that, let's be honest, are going to be getting hammered.

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