PS5 reactions: The GamesRadar team reflects on the cost, date, and biggest news out of the Sony showcase

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In today's blowout PS5 showcase, Sony finally announced that the PS5 All-Digital and PS5 price will be launching at $399 and $499 respectively. 

That wasn't all Sony had to reveal though. We also got a better sense of the PS5 launch games, a look at some of the titles arriving in 2021 – including God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West – as well some of the incredible third-party releases on the way, including Deathloop, Final Fantasy 16, and Resident Evil 8: Village. 

There was a lot to parse through in the 45-minute presentation, so here are the GamesRadar team's PS5 showcase reactions. Was the show enough for you to put down a PS5 pre-order?

"Finally the next-gen showcase I've been waiting for" – Sam Loveridge

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I don't think I've had that many goosebumps for years. Sony delivered exactly what we were all hoping for with that event. Long, lingering looks at next-gen games actually running on next-gen hardware, and little room for any marketing talk about specs or strategies.

Sony may have ditched the "For the Players" tagline, but that showcase felt like it embodied that statement more than anything else we've seen in this run-up to PS5 and Xbox Series X. That was a solid line-up of seriously exciting games, including that amazing PlayStation Plus Collection. And don't even get me started on that God of War: Ragnarok closer. What a way to finish.

"I'm proper little kid in a toy store giddy" – Rachel Weber

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Cut me and I bleed blue. PlayStation just gets me everytime with their showcases, always knowing how to add an extra spoonful of sugar to keep my hype levels dangerously high. I went in knowing the console was a must have for me, dared to hope for more God of War, and got a little extra Final Fantasy 16 for my trouble. 

I feel excited about PS5, proper little kid in a toy store giddy at the thought of it arriving, ready to shut the door on this burning mess of a world and get lost in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Resident Evil 8. The price feels right to me – though I appreciate in these troubled times it won't for everyone - but when you compare it to say,  the new Apple Watch Series 6 at $399, I know which item will bring you more joy. 

"I think I'll wait until next year until I buy into an entirely new ecosystem" - Josh West

Fortnite PS5

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Sony put on a convincing showcase, one that helped to demonstrate the power of its next-generation console – particularly through the likes of the Demon's Souls remaster and Resident Evil 8: Village which look stunning. It also hinted towards 2021 being a formative year for the system, with Final Fantasy 16, God of War: Ragnarok, and Horizon Forbidden West all set to launch next year. 

What it failed to do, I'll argue until I'm blue in the face, is put a convincing argument forward for investing in a PS5 in 2020. Spider-Man: Miles Morales is PS4 bound, as is Sackboy: A Big Adventure. I'm looking forward to owning a PS5 and for the great experiences it will no doubt deliver, but I think I'll wait until next year until I buy into an entirely new ecosystem.  

"This showcase has left no doubt in my mind whatsoever" – Alex Avard

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PlayStation responded to Xbox's blowout with a strong riposte tonight, confirming an extremely competitive price point for both the Digital and Disc version of the PS5 that felt as though it was clearly influenced by Microsoft's similarly revealed pricing structure for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last week. 

While I was on the edge of considering a Series X last week, this showcase has left no doubt in my mind whatsoever: I'm buying a PlayStation 5 this November, the only real question is whether I want to cough up an extra £90 for a disc drive. Oh, and I know the staggered global release was to be expected, but that week between my American friends getting the PS5 and me eagerly awaiting the postie is going to be the most painful seven days of my life. 

"For a show unstoppable on gameplay alone, that price was the finisher" – Leon Hurley

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PlayStation knows people only really want to see the games, so that’s what they showed with 40 minutes of SEVERAL PEOPLE ARE TYPING group chat freakout as game after game flew past on screen. While the Final Fantasy 16 reveal seemed like a strong start it was probably Spider-Man: Miles Morales that showed off what the PS5 means – watching Miles walk through the street showed of the PS5 tech's ability to create a warm, real looking everyday that somehow looked more impressive than the venom punch fueled fight that followed. 

The games kept coming with teasers for Resident Evil 8, Deathloop, the Demon's Souls remake, and then, finally, a shiver-inducing reveal for God Of War: Ragnarok. All strong showing but then the real news: November 12/19 release date) depending on location) and $499/$399 between the disk/digital models. For a show that seems unstoppable from gameplay alone, that price was the finisher. 

"Maybe I want a PS5 Digital Edition after all" – Connor Sheridan

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All this time, I'd been assuming that PS5 Digital Edition would be at most $50 cheaper than the standard PS5, and it didn't really do anything for me. Why bother missing out on playing physical games – many of which end up with deeper discounts than their digital counterparts – just to save a little bit up front? But once I saw the price would be a full $100 cheaper, something clicked in my brain.

I mean, I don't really like having cases all over the place, or having to swap the disc out every time I want to play something new. And it will take me a good while before I can save enough on physical games before it makes up that $100 difference. Maybe I want a PS5 Digital Edition after all?

"I thought I’d be getting an Xbox – now I'm not so sure" – Ali Jones

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After Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series S would only set me back £250, I thought I was settled in my next-gen buying decision. As someone who plays most of their games on PC and takes their console gaming a little more casually, that price tag looked enough to swing it for me. 

Now, I’m not so sure – £359 for a Digital Edition PS5 isn't that bad, and the slate of games Sony has on offer over the next year or so looks incredible. If nothing else, Deathloop looks like something I can’t afford to miss – I've been hoping for something more Dishonored related for years, and that looks like Arkane at its best.

"None of the livestreams from this year have left me buzzing quite like that" – Benjamin Abbott

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Holy crap. What a show. None of the livestreams from this year have left me buzzing quite like that. In fact, I don't think any of them can hold a candle to what Sony showed off tonight. Hogwarts Legacy, complete with a whole mess of Fantastic Beasts creatures. Miles Morales and a full showcase of his powers, not to mention tons of world-building and one of comics' best supporting characters, Ganke. 

God of War. A new Final Fantasy. Resident Evil. Demon's Souls, which is hands-down one of the prettiest games we've seen so far (and the grossest - ew, blood spatter). And did I mention Hogwarts? Seriously, I get to wander around the castle, fly broomsticks, and look after monsters. CALM DOWN, PLAYSTATION. I'm sold already.

"November can't come soon enough" – Austin Wood

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I've been leaning toward the PS5 for some time now, and today's show cemented it as my next-gen platform of choice. The price is right in line with expectations, and it's even coming out on my birthday (in the US). I buy consoles to play games, and PS5 has always had the game I want to play the most – and that's without the many surprises at today's show. 

God of War: Ragnarok and Final Fantasy 16 will be huge for PS5, and I'm all-in for the likes of Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The PlayStation Plus Collection is the cherry on top, giving me an easy way to fill in my PS4 backlog. November can't come soon enough. 

"Everything was pitch-perfect, gorgeous" – Alyssa Mercante

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I haven't gone out and bought a PlayStation console in a very long time, but with this showcase, Sony has secured the bag. Yes, I will probably also get a Series S, but with the spectacle of dropping a price, a release date, and a host of fantastic game trailers in one showcase, I'm now a stan for Sony. 

God of War: Ragnarok sent my blood pressure so high I nearly fainted and the Spider Man: Miles Morales trailer reminded me of how good that game is going to be (and how much I miss going outside in New York City). Everything was pitch-perfect, gorgeous, and a perfect sample portion of an incredible line-up to come. I can't wait to gorge myself on these games after I set up my curvy little minx PS5 in the ideal spot to be gawked at. She loves the attention.

"These games will look gorgeous on my RTX 3080" – Ford James

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Alright, that might be a bit harsh; I'm going to get a PS5 on launch, mainly for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Spider-Man Miles Morales. But what we saw of Spider-Man in the September showcase wasn't anything too special and Ratchet(te) didn't even feature!

 I'm mainly excited for the post-launch PS5 exclusives; Horizon Forbidden West, God of War 2… The rest of the games will simply be stellar on PC, which is what I game most on these days. Honestly, my PS5 pre-order is mainly spurred by FOMO. Damnit Sony, ya got me.

"Everything I wanted and more" – Jordan Gerblick

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

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I won't lie, I was expecting a lot from this event. After the PS5 reveal showcase in June exploded my expectations, I went into this new event with higher-than-would-be-advised hopes, but somehow Sony delivered and left me with everything I wanted and more. The price, the release date, and so, so many games. I think the game I was most surprised to see was Final Fantasy 16, not because I didn't think it would be made, but because I didn't think I'd see so much of it so early.

I would've thought we'd see some sort of half-minute cryptic teaser, and maybe a quick splash of cinematic footage *at most.* But instead Square showed off a good amount of cinematics and even some gameplay. It looks like a slightly darker, moodier Final Fantasy 15, which I loved despite the controversy, so I'm beaming with news of the sequel. November 13 just can't come soon enough.

"A new Final Fantasy? Yes please" – Heather Wald

Kicking off the showcase with Final Fantasy 16 was a sure fire way to get my attention from the get go, and I'm so excited to see a new adventure is set to come to the new console. Honestly, with a strong opening, it just didn't slow down for a minute with exciting game announcements. I'm so very here for another God of War and the PlayStation Plus Collection bringing PS4 games to the next-gen console is a big sell for me. I was actually expecting a higher price tag and I have to say the PS5 is looking mighty tempting right about now, but I still don't know if I'll be investing day one just yet. 

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