9 GTA IV trailer rumors debunked

Rumor #7
It might be the first online multiplayer GTA...

There's nothing in the trailer to suggest this, but at the expense of wild speculation, it would seem strange if a version of the PSP's multiplayer modes didn't make it into the fully online enabled PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. There's also no hint as to what the promised exclusive downloadable content might be - is it going to be extra cars, weapons and outfits or go deeper and offer new missions, areas and interiors. We'll state the obvious - we can't tell from the trailer.

Chances of the rumor being true:
100% true, but to what extent we don't know.

Rumor #8
Airborne vehicles might be a no-no

This is a bit of misinformation. Just because the trailer doesn't show any forms of air transport like the early San Andreas trailer did, doesn't mean you won't be cruising across Manhattan in a Zeppelin for kicks. Equally probable are helicopters and planes.

However, there is a kick in the teeth at the end of this story. If we are to assume (and we are at the moment) that GTA IV is only set in one city, the idea of supersonic jet travel (made viable by the scale of San Andreas ) seems a bit frivolous and pointless. Think about it - since when has anyone taken a Learjet from Newark Airport to JFK? And we're not even going to mention the fact that giving someone a jet to fly-over Manhattan could lead to some pretty tasteless YouTube videos...

Chances of the rumor being true:
We're going controversial and saying no planes...

Rumor #9
Most things will be destructible

Is this really the holy grail of next-gen games? If so give us a few beers and we're going to have Liberty City leveled in a matter of hours. The problem is, what happens to the game once you've smashed it all in? Would you have to wait two years of game time before it was all rebuilt?

So, it's not even hinted at in the trailer - but we've got some insider knowledge (ex-Rockstar employee, imbibed with pints) that suggests Rockstar North are attempting a much higher level of ruinability than in GTA San Andreas, where the best you could do was drive through the odd picket fence. We're not suggesting driving into a building will level it- but we do expect objects inside buildings to be more damageable and more mission set-pieces that see things reduced to rubble. Okay, maybe we started this rumor.

Chances of the rumor being true:
We say yes - in a limited fashion.

To get a look at the trailer that started some of these rumors, see what else we have to say about the videoor to start some rumorsof your own, clickhere.

March 30, 2007

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