9 GTA IV trailer rumors debunked

Rumor #4
Liberty City won't be the only city...

This all depends on whether the creators are going for hugely detailed microcosm or a more sparsely detailed macrocosm. Will they concentrate on populating Liberty City with thousands of breakable people, vehicles, shops, businesses and houses or will they think bigger and risk creating a lot of unopenable doors and flat textured store fronts? We think smaller and more detailed over bigger and less detailedis the key here.

The spanner in the works is the fact the lad in the trailer opens up the possibility of a European connection - something not properly tackled in the series since GTA: London. The trailer could in fact be a huge teaser for a much bigger game spanning the Atlantic. You never know - the next trailer might show the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben.

Chances of the rumor being true:
We're not writing it off yet.

Rumor #5
People trafficking will become an in-game side mission...

A cryptic clue in the short piece of dialogue reveals that your man has a past in people trafficking - a distinctly current "issue." The reality of this is pretty nasty - poverty stricken immigrants paying to hide in the back of articulated trucks filled with potatoes. It would be a pretty bold step to take on a crime like this in comparison to the more vanilla drugs, gangs and prostitution rackets and again points to a more serious feel to the game's "vibe" as Rockstar will no doubt to refer to.

Might we really see human smuggling side missions with cash awarded for bodies delivered still breathing? Or are we just clutching at straws and taking everything a little bit too literally?

Chances of the rumor being true:
We won't put anything past GTA.

Rumor #6
The entire Liberty City subway system will be at your disposal...

This seems fair-dos. In GTA 3 and San Andreas you had limited use of a train system - it seems like a logical progression to open this up to cover longer distances like Coney Island to the Bronx. Similarly, the Ferry Port makes an appearance at the beginning of the trailer so we'll be sorely disappointed if we can't captain an ocean liner into an Iceberg at some point.

Chances of the rumor being true:
Sounds pretty likely to us.

I hate the 267.