9 GTA IV trailer rumors debunked

Rumor #1
The character in the trailer might not be the character you play as.

What we think:
While this would buck the trend of trailers for Vice City and San Andreas, the Eastern European character certainly doesn't look like the natural choice to star in the game.

In fairness, we only see him for a matter of seconds but he lacks the on-screen charisma of CJ and Tommy Vercetti. Furthermore, as far as we can tell, he doesn't fit into any of the existing GTA story arcs- the closest match being the Russian mafia that appeared briefly in GTA: SA.

Having said that, we're most likely seeing him as he appears at the very beginning of the game- weaponless and moneyless - and it wouldn't be unlike Rockstar to tell another rags to riches story. So, a haircut, shave, a sharp suit and an Uzi 9mm in both fists could turn him to a kick ass hero.

Chances of the rumor being true:

Rumor #2
The style of gameplay has changed...

What we think:
The fact that the visual style of the game has been given more realistic overtones and the in-game characters a slightly less cartoony gait has been taken as a hint that GTA IV will offer a different flavor of game than before.

For example: will the iconic, yet distinctly "gamey" HUD remain? And won't the gaudy flashing marker points, look a bit incongruous against the gritty art direction? Might this new look inspire a complete overhaul of the game dynamics, it's been suggested.

Even more pertinently - with the increased level of graphical detail are Rockstar North comfortable including the same level of riotous violent abandon without the conscience-numbing cloak of graphical un-realism seen in previous GTAs. Won't mowing down swathes of pedestrians feel a bit too close to the bone in this glorious hi-def detail?

You know what? We doubt it. We really do. It's more likely they'll ramp it up.

Chances of the rumor being true:

Rumor #3
We'll be able to go inside all of those massive skyscrapers...

What we think:
To which we'll reply very simply - do we really need to? Sure it would be a fascinating press release stat or a killer magazine headline. But if you were to work out the sum total of every room in every domestic and business building in the New York area it starts to sound a bit unlikely. In fact it sounds like complete madness.

We reckon you'll see a considerable increase in visitable interiors - and they'll be better modeled and more destructible (check out the one near the end of the trailer with the sexy lighting) - but they'll have to be in the context of the game's storyline. In honesty who's really going to take pleasure out of visiting identikit bedroom 12,123,987 - even if the Blu-ray disc does allow for it.

Chances of the rumor being true:
Sort of, but on less of a grand scale.