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50 Greatest Jason Voorhees Kills

Sheriff Garras

The Kill: Jason is so powerful that he can snap a man in two with his bare hands. Just ask Sheriff Garras…

If Freddy Did It:
"You seem a little tense… try to relax."


The Kill: Paul goes out into the woods in search of Sam. Foolishly he isn't wearing any clothes, giving Jason an obvious target to aim his spear at. Don't make us spell it out…

If Freddy Did It: "My weapon is much, much bigger than yours."

Officer Mike & Officer Brian

The Kill: Jason loves a head smash, so the opportunity to smash two for the price of one is too much to resist. Who needs a wall or a tree when you can break one head upon another?

If Freddy Did It: "Mike, meet Brian. Brian, Mike…"


The Kill: Doug is another to die in the nude, but in fairness to him, he is taking a shower at the time. That doesn't stop Jason however, who grabs Doug's head and smashes it into the tiles. Crunch.

If Freddy Did It:
"They say you should always shower with a friend, so, here I am."


The Kill: Jason takes exception to hippies, and Chili is no exception, feeling the hot end of a poker jammed through her stomach. Stupid name, gratifyingly grisly death.

If Freddy Did It: "I usually wait until the second date before using my poker…"


The Kill: A nagging old harridan in hair-rollers, Edna's death is of the 'cheer Jason on' variety. A needle through the back of the head puts a stop to her mithering once and for all.

If Freddy Did It: "Hold still, now. This won't hurt a bit, although you may feel a little prick."


The Kill: In the shiny 2009 remake, Jason rekindles his love of the sleeping bag, trapping Amanda in hers and suspending her over the campfire, burning her alive.

If Freddy Did It: "I'm not much of a chef. Boil in the bag is about my level."


The Kill: Jason takes exception to an unnamed boxer who's enjoying a relaxing sauna when he gets a rock smashed through his chest cavity. A bit random this one, but grisly all the same.

If Freddy Did It: "Rock on, brother. Rock on…"

Steven & Annette

The Kill: This pair try to make their escape upon a motorcycle. However, they haven't accounted for Jason's uncanny accuracy with a pole. Double impalement!

If Freddy Did It: "Welcome to the highway to Hell. Next stop, Splattersville."


The Kill: Sara makes a break for freedom wearing only a towel. However, scantily clad women anger Jason, and he chucks an axe straight into her chest.

If Freddy Did It: "You're towel was slipping. Thought I'd help you keep it up…"

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