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50 Greatest Jason Voorhees Kills


The Kill: Jason allows young scrapper Julius to punch away at him, before being invited to take his best shot. Jason duly obliges, punching Julius' head clean off his shoulders straight into a nearby dumpster.

If Freddy Did it: "Woooooooh! Another three-pointer from Krueger!"


The Kill: Deborah and her boyfriend head to a tent for some pre-marital, unprotected sex. Naturally this won't do, and Jason duly skewers Deborah with a barbed-wire covered spike. He then brings it sharply upwards, bisecting Deborah and covering her boyfriend in gore.

If Freddy Did It:
"Sorry buddy. Shoulda worn a raincoat if you didn't want to get wet."


The Kill: Mark might have thought that being in a wheelchair would save him from Jason. He was wrong. Not only does he get a machete in the face, his wheelchair goes sailing down the biggest flight of steps you've ever seen. Bummer!

If Freddy Did It: "Ooh, watch out for that step…"


The Kill: Jason repeatedly stabs the preening Trey, who lies relaxing on his bed after a particularly vigorous bout of sex. A fairly formulaic death, you might think, until Jason triggers the bed's folding mechanism, turning Trey's spine into a concertina.

If Freddy Did It: "Hey, no need to get bent out of shape, pal!"


The Kill: Let's make no bones about it, Andy is an irritant from the word go. That's why its grimly pleasing to see his body hacked clean in two (starting at his groin, since he's walking on his hands) and stashed up in the rafters. Where's that blood coming from? Oh…

If Freddy Did It: "I always thought he seemed a bit of a drip."


The Kill: Crispin Glover's Jimmy goes looking for a corkscrew, only for Jason to help him find it by plunging it through his hand. It looks quite painful, so Jason puts the poor boy out of his misery with a meat cleaver to the face.

If Freddy Did It:
"Whoops… should I have let that breathe for a while? Oh well, too late now…"


The Kill: Jason gives Alice the fright of her life by putting the head of his dead mother in her refrigerator. Understandably distracted, she doesn't notice Jason getting ready to jam a screwdriver through her cranium…

If Freddy Did It: "I always was a mummy's boy…"


The Kill: As Rick wonders where all his buddies have disappeared to, Jason sneaks up behind him and crushes his head with his bare hands. In fact, he squeezes his head so hard that his eyeball pops clean out of its socket. Nice.

If Freddy Did It: "You should have kept an eye out for me… oh, you did!"


The Kill: Judy attempts to hide from Jason by cowering down in her sleeping bag. Undeterred, Jason simply slings the bag over his shoulder before swinging it repeatedly into a nearby tree.

If Freddy Did It:
"Say goodnight, sweetheart…"


The Kill: Having been asleep for many, many years, Jason wakes up in a terrible temper, grabbing scientist Adrienne, and submerging her face in a vat of liquid nitrogen. Not satisfied, he then drags her over to a nearby table and smashes her frozen face into hundreds of tiny pieces.

If Freddy Did It: "Ice to meet you, my dear. We're going to get on smashingly."

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