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50 Greatest Jason Voorhees Kills


The Kill: Ward attempts a handshake with Jason. The outcome is as inevitable as it is grisly. The knife he gets in the back just adds insult to injury.

If Freddy Did It: "It's all in the wrist, buddy…"


The Kill: Is there any less dignified way to die than sitting on the toilet with your trousers down? We think not. Demon's end is met thanks to pointy pole that comes plunging through the portaloo wall. Another from Jason impersonator Roy Burns.

If Freddy Did It: "Sounds like a messy one in there…"


The Kill: Bullying fatboy Shack has the brass neck to call Jason a hillbilly, before dousing him in petrol and setting him ablaze. He's clearly not aware of who he's dealing with, as a flying machete embeds itself in his back.

If Freddy Did It:
"Pork for dinner? Lovely! I'll carve…"


The Kill: A long-suffering hitchhiker enjoys a tasty banana as she waits for somebody to give her a lift to Canada. Sadly for her, she only gets halfway through before taking a knife through the throat, sending a mixture of blood and mashed fruit dribbling down her chin.

If Freddy Did It: "You're one of my five a day," cackles Fred, before heading off to kill four more teens.

Officer Winslow

The Kill: Officer Winslow learns the hard way that Jason's hut should be left well alone, when he receives a hammer-blow to the head from its disgruntled owner. Simple but effective.

If Freddy Did It: "STOP! Hammer time."


The Kill: Another impalement, but a slightly unusual one. This time, Jason isn't brandishing a pole. Instead, he picks up the luckless Miles and throws him onto one. Just for variation's sake..

If Freddy Did It: "We're poles apart, Miles. Or we will be soon…"


The Kill: Hawes and Tommy exhume Jason's corpse, only for him to come to life thanks to a well-aimed bolt of lightning. Enraged, Jason ploughs his hand into Hawes' chest and rips his heart clean out.

If Freddy Did It: "Thanks boys, you're all heart…"


The Kill: Richie gets his foot caught in a bear trap, causing a brief, agonising wait for Jason to amble over and cleave his head in two with a machete.

If Freddy Did It: "Painful? You're just going to have to grin and bear it."


The Kill: Debbie is distracted by the hideously mutilated corpse of boyfriend Andy, allowing Jason to pull out one of his mum's old tricks: a knife from under the bed!

If Freddy Did It: "Sometimes, there really are monsters under the bed!"

Katie, Larry & Stan

The Kill: Jason doesn't usually go in for multiple murders, but when he does, they tend to be spectacular. In this case, it's a big old swing of that machete that decapitates a trio of paintballing corporate types.

If Freddy Did It: "How's that for synergy? Blue-sky it and get back to me."

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