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50 Greatest Jason Voorhees Kills


The Kill: Tina has sex with her boyfriend in the middle of the woods, whilst wearing absolutely nothing at all. Some nutso types would say she's asking for a pair of garden shears in the eyes, and funnily enough, that's exactly what she gets. Worth noting that this is not actually Jason, but someone disguised as him who does the killing. Still a great kill though...

If Freddy Did it:
"You were warned to to keep off the grass…"


The Kill: Confirmed pervert Axel is getting his rocks off to a workout video when Jason interrupts with his hacksaw. He then puts the icing on the cake by twisting Axel's head all the way around.

If Freddy Did It: "And twist! And stretch!"


The Kill: Jason hulks up, bringing Dan's life to a close by punching clean through his chest. He then has his neck snapped for good measure.

If Freddy Did It:
"Hey, it feels like you're having a heart attack! You should get that checked out."

Edna #2

The Kill: In one of the grislier exits of the entire series, Edna makes a break for her car, only for Jason to head her off at the pass and smash her cranium to pieces with the door.

If Freddy Did It: "Allow me to get that for you Ma'am. KERSPLAT!"


The Kill: New York is full of poodle-haired rocker types. Jason doesn't approve and batters J.J. to death with her electric guitar. Rock and roll.

If Freddy Did It: "You just got taken to the bridge, sweetie!"


The Kill: Nikki has just had sex with her boyfriend Cort in the back of a winnebago. Jason hates that kind of thing so he takes Nikki's head and smashes it into the side of the caravan so hard that it leaves a perfect impression of her face in the metal. Pow!

If Freddy Did It: "RV nearly there yet? Because she is…"


The Kill: Jason's first hockey mask kill in which he fires a harpoon through Vera's eye socket on Crystal Lake pier. Nice use of 3D for this one...

If Freddy Did It: "That's one in the eye for you, my dear."


The Kill: In one of Jason's more heavy-duty impalements, he employs a massive mining drill to turn Condor into a kebab. Top marks for the juddering death rattle.

If Freddy Did It: "We've struck gold… black gold! Oh no, that's just blood. As you were."


The Kill: Jason mixes it up a bit during his trip to Mahattan, killing Wayne by chucking him into an electrical panel. It's not a knife through the throat, but it'll work…

If Freddy Did It: "Come fry with me, let's fry, let's fry away…"


The Kill: Kate is having a great night until Jason turns up and shoves a party whistle through her eye. That guy just can't abide fun, can he?

If Freddy Did It: "Contender… you will die on my first whistle!"

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