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50 Greatest Jason Voorhees Kills


The Kill: A savage swing of his machete and Kelly Rowland goes flying into a nearby tree. That's right, Kelly "bring it on down, momma" Rowland. You can see why it merits inclusion.

If Freddy Did It: "I thought you said you were a survivor?"


The Kill: Jason shows off his hunting skills when he catches Scott in a snare, leaving him hanging helplessly above the ground. A machete, slowly dragged across his throat completes the kill.

If Freddy Did It: "Sorry, but you were becoming a real pain in the neck."


The Kill: Dozy old Bree left her bedroom window open, allowing Jason to sneak in, lift her up and impale her on a set of antlers mounted on the wall.

If Freddy Did It: "I usually use my claw, but today, I'll buck the trend."


The Kill: Jason goes ploughing through a fast food joint, dunking the hapless Shelby in the deep-fat-frier. Health and safety will surely have something to say…

If Freddy Did It: "You want a soda with that?"


The Kill: Poor old Charles ends up falling arse over tit into a vat of toxic sludge. Jason has clearly been watching Robocop

If Freddy Did It:
"You need to take some time off. You're about to have a meltdown…"


The Kill: Jason loves nothing better than a good old-fashioned head-crushing. Ben is the unlucky victim who proves the big man hasn't lost his touch.

If Freddy Did It: "Headache? I'd advise two aspirin, but you're dead…"


The Kill: As a rule of thumb, it's best to stay on solid ground when Jason's around. If he can stab you from below, he will, which is the case with Sam and her inflatable boat. It's like a red rag to a bull!

If Freddy Did It:
"Excuse me while i stick my claw in."


The Kill: Jason's uber-machete is a pretty nifty piece of kit, capable of cleaving a man clean in two. Kicker manages to crawl around for a bit before giving up the ghost. Good effort, but no cigar.

If Freddy Did It: "Rest in pieces!"


The Kill: The knife to the head might not be that spectacular, but Cort is such an irredeemable prat that it's a real feel-good moment when he buys it. Have that!

If Freddy Did It: "The Cort is adjourned…"


The Kill: Burt takes paint balling pretty seriously. However, Jason isn't mucking about either, and smashes Burt's face into a nearby tree, leaving a gory smiley behind…

If Freddy Did It: "Marshall! This guy is out…"

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