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4th of July sales: get discounts on cheap gaming gear, 4K TV deals, smart tech, and more

4th of July sales: get discounts on cheap gaming gear, 4K TV deals, smart tech, and more
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Every 4th of July sale is worth a look, and this year's are no exception. Way ahead of waiting for the winter sales, the 4th of July sales are a splendid prime opportunity to inject some new-tech goodness into your home and your life to enhance the summer weeks. Particularly after the weird first half of the year we've all had, across the globe, something shiny and new - and, importantly, discounted - will be a small but nice and exciting comfort this summer.

Although we're ahead of the actual date, the Independence Day sales, like most other sales events, have already begun this week and, like most other sales events, might well continue on after the holiday itself - we'll wait to confirm that of course. Whatever happens, though, we're rounding up some of the best 4th of July deals right here.

Be it a new gaming laptop that might be part of the first big wave of sub-thousand dollar ray-tracing capable laptops; or a brand-new, massive 4K TV - as we enjoy prices of 65-inch TVs and above plummet; or some great accessories or smart tech for the home, it's all worth a look.

The best 4th of July sales

Here's where to go directly for discounts and more at some of our favourite retailers:

Amazon | Best Buy | Dell | Microsoft | Lenovo | Apple | HP

There's a lot of, well, everything on sale right now, but we've picked out some highlights from the world of gaming and extended tech. There are some real good ones going and a bunch of cash to be saved if you're after a great 4th of July deal this summer.

4th of July sales - Other retailers
And just before we get into the bread and butter of the tech-focused deals, and to keep abreast of all your big options this holiday sale, there are a whole host of other retailers offering big price cuts across, well, almost anything you can imagine.

For the home and garden you can get deals on patio furniture, grills, and tools at Home Depot, make the most of discounts on major appliances at Best Buy and Lowe's, and if you're looking for some 4th of July sales on furniture then Overstock and Wayfair have got you covered with near site-wide sales. To mix it up a bit, there are some great picks on mattresses and sleep bundles at Purple and up to 44% off Serta mattresses at Mattress Firm. You literally can find anything you want - almost - on sale this Independence Day holiday.

4th of July sales - gaming deals

Lenovo Legion Y540 (17.3-inch) | $1,400 $1,129.99 at Lenovo
One of the best offers out there right now would be this huge saving on the gaming-focused Legion Y540 laptop. It provides a 9th-gen hexa-core i7 CPU, a 1TB HDD / 256 SSD combo, and GTX 1650Ti GPU for your money. Very nice indeed, particularly because you're paying a good bit less than $1,200.View Deal

Lenovo Legion 7i (15.6-inch) | $1,700 $1,539.99 at Lenovo
Heads up, it's another Legion laptop discount. Lenovo are offering an eye-catching $160 off the 7i laptop with the code 4THOFJULYSALE. That gets you a mighty RTX 2060 graphics card, a 10th-gen hexa-core i7 processor, and 512GB of SSD storage for faster booting. Excellent value.View Deal

Lenovo Legion Y740 (15.6-inch) | $2,000 $1,709.99 at Lenovo
Despite being a little more expensive, this is definitely one of the better deals you can get your hands on right now. By using the eCoupon 4THJULYSALE, you can save $290 on a laptop with a 9th-gen i7 CPU, a 1TB HDD working alongside a 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and an RTX 2070 GPU with Max-Q graphics. That's more than enough horsepower to do your games justice.View Deal

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (Black) | $99.99 $73.99 at Amazon
This is one of our favorite headsets going across the board, on whatever platform. It's such a good performer and getting it for comfortably less than its list price is a total bargain and great value.View Deal

PlayStation Plus (12 months) | $60 $30.89 on CD Keys
A delicious offer this, as CD Keys are currently offering a 49% reduction on a full year of PS Plus, and that is an incredibly low price - if you need to renew your membership - or just want to boost your sub on the cheap - this is a great way to do it.View Deal

PlayStation Plus (3 months) | $25 $11.99 on CD Keys
If you want to play it more short-term with your PS Plus membership, this 3-month subscription to PlayStation's online world is for you. It's excellent value and a whopping 53% less than normal. A bargain.View Deal

Razer Viper mouse | $79.99 $49.99 on Amazon or Best Buy
One of our favorite mouses, the Viper is an excellent ambidextrous option that I use daily (as a lefty). Its sheer speed makes it excellent for shooters but it's great no matter what you play. Note: this deal ends on July 4th at Amazon and July 5th at Best Buy.View Deal

Razer Naga Trinity mouse | $99.99 $79.99 on Amazon or Best Buy
Away from its fanciness, the Naga Trinity is a quality mouse, with a 16,000DPI sensor, and mechanical switches and buttons. Throw in its real USP of the three interchangeable panels, and you have one of the most versatile mice going.View Deal

Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard | $99.99 $79.99 on Amazon
If you want the best of both worlds - mechanical and membrane keyboards - the Ornata Chroma is for you. What's more, get it with a 20% discount and the value is excellent.View Deal

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition keyboard | $139.99 $89.99 on Amazon
This is a great option for a compact gaming keyboard. While it might not sport the numpad, its compact design is great and it's got that known Blackwidow-quality switch mechanisms that are hard to beat.View Deal

Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard | $169.99 $129.99 on Amazon
However, if you are looking for a full-sized keyboard from Razer then you can't really go wrong with the infamous BlackWidow in its Elite form. I use this keyboard every day as well as for games and can testify to its quality. One of the best - and for less right now!View Deal

Razer Nari Ultimate headset | $199.99 $182.99 on Amazon or Best Buy
This is another Razer product I use almost daily; it really is one of the best gaming headsets going right now. That premium price tag is largely worth it due to the sheer quality that comes through in the Nari's feature set, sound, options, and excellent unique THX and Haptic systems.View Deal

PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC games | Multiple savings
There's a whole host of games reduced in price at Best Buy now and the 4th of July sales are proving a great time to pick up a new game or two to get into this summer - including some great value pickups like Call of Duty and Borderlands 3 which will provide hours and hours of bang for buck value.
View Deal

4th of July sales - laptop deals

HP Pavilion Laptop - 15z touch | 15.6" 1080p | AMD Ryzen 5 | AMD Radeon Vega 8 | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD | $499.99 at HP
Save $180 today. This is a fine machine if you're looking for a laptop that can do a bit of everything, quite well - and for a bargain - then this laptop is a wonderful contender.  This will munch through work and home tasks, and getting 16GB of RAM at this price is excellent value as we too often see a paltry 8GB usually. Team that with a decent CPU and GPU and it's got the chops to give most games a go on modest settings.
View Deal

HP laptop 15t | $789.99 $589.99 from HP
Now this really is a bargain for a little laptop for home and work use. This has a whopping $200 off its price and is one of HP's best-sellers. And for good reason: it has all-day battery life, 12GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. Nice.View Deal

Lenovo ThinkPad T495 (14-inch) | $1,719 $739.99 at Lenovo
This is a pretty inspiring deal once you make use Lenovo's eCoupon THINKSPECIAL. Not only will you get a $970+ price cut, you'll wind up with laptop packing a quad-core Ryzen 5 Pro CPU, Radeon Vega graphics, an all-day battery, and 512GB of speedy SSD storage for ultra-fast startup. It doesn't get much better than this.View Deal

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s (13.3-inch) | $859 $599 at Lenovo
An asking price of $599 isn't bad at all for a laptop like this; besides an attractive and lightweight aluminium frame, you're getting a fairly modern processor with a speedy 256GB SSD for faster booting. Sure, it's not going to run games at a high spec. But it'll be excellent for all your work and home needs.View Deal

Lenovo ThinkPad T490s (14-inch) | $2,119 $799.99 at Lenovo
Thinkpad is screeching back into the spotlight with another great deal. This one nets you a staggering $1,319 off after instant savings. And what do you get? You're getting a laptop with an 8th-gen i7 processor with a 512GB SSD for your trouble. Not bad.View Deal

Lenovo Yoga C640 (13.3-inch) | $1,050 $849.99 at Lenovo
Here's a solid Lenovo Yoga laptop offer for your consideration - a fast 10th-gen i7 processor, a 512GB SSD, and a super-light two-in-one display. Use the eCoupon 4THOFJULYSALE to get the full saving of $200.View Deal

Lenovo Legion Y540 (17.3-inch) | $1,400 $1,129.99 at Lenovo
Alright, now we're talking. There's a significant saving to be had on the gaming-focused Legion Y540 laptop, and it brings a 9th-gen hexa-core i7 CPU, a 1TB HDD / 256 SSD combo, and GTX 1650Ti GPU to the party. Very nice indeed for less than $1,200.View Deal

Lenovo Legion 7i (15.6-inch) | $1,700 $1,539.99 at Lenovo
Want another Legion discount? Sure thing; you can get yourself $160 off the 7i laptop with the code 4THOFJULYSALE, netting you an RTX 2060 graphics card, a 10th-gen hexa-core i7 processor, and 512GB of SSD storage for faster booting. A bargain.View Deal

Lenovo Legion Y740 (15.6-inch) | $2,000 $1,709.99 at Lenovo
OK, so this is one of the more expensive deals on the list. But you know what? It's arguably one of the best. This particular sale - which requires the eCoupon 4THJULYSALE - saves you $290 on a system with a 9th-gen i7 CPU, a 1TB HDD paired with a 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and an RTX 2070 GPU with Max-Q graphics. That's a lot of horsepower.View Deal

4th of July sales - 4K TV deals

LG 70-inch 4K LED TV | $799.99 $649.99 at Best Buy
This is incredible value for a 4K TV of this size. As well as oozing LG's quality overall, this TV features ThinQ AI technology which enables your TV to become a smart home hub, working with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.View Deal

50-inch Smart UHD 4K Roku TV | $299.99 $249.99 at Best Buy
Quite simply, this is outstanding value. A solid 4K TV, of 50-inches in size for only $250 - even a year ago this would have seemed borderline-insane. Built-in Roku means it'll be a mean streaming machine for the likes of Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and more.
View Deal

Samsung 65-inch 7-Series 4K TV | $549.99 $499.99 at Best Buy
A Samsung 65-inch 4K smart TV for less than (by a penny, I know) $500!? Yes, please on sale for $499.99 at Best Buy. The 7-Series TV features a universal guide that allows you to find streaming content and live TV shows from the home screen of your TV.
View Deal

Samsung 65-inch Q800T 8K TV | $3,499.99 $3,199.99 at Best Buy
Yes, we absolutely are highlighting an 8K TV! I can't wait to get one of these panels eventually myself, but for those who can splash the cash now this $300-off deal is a great choice.View Deal

4th of July sales - Apple tech

Apple iPad 10.2-inch (128GB) | $429 $399 at Amazon
This is a nice little deal to kick things off in the Apple department with $30 off Apple's best-selling tablet. This is the Space Gray color and although there's a bit of a delay with stock, this price is worth waiting for. That extra capacity is extremely handy too. Want some other options? Check out our list of the best gaming tablets.View Deal

Apple iPad 10.2-inch (32GB) | $329.99 $279 at Amazon
Want to save some cash? You can go for the more modest version by getting $50 off the 10.2-inch iPad which is still a great offering at Amazon. This is for the Space Gray color that features a Retina display and has a long battery life to boot.View Deal

Apple AirPods | $159 $139 at Amazon
A wonderful offering on another Apple product which usually holds its value really well. It's not the biggest of discounts but $20 is a solid offering on these and makes it a great deal for those on the hunt for Apple's earbuds.View Deal

Apple Watch Series 3 | 35mm | $199 $169 at Amazon
Yeah, it's not the very latest version of the smartwatch, but this is an excellent one to get for Apple users wanting their first taste of that smartwatch tech. And at this price, it's a terrific deal, the likes of which is incredibly rare.View Deal

iPad Pro 12.9-inch | 256GB | $1,149 $996 at Amazon
A great saving of $150 saving on one of the very best tablets going. It might be slightly older than the very latest models, but it's still a great quality slab. Absurd value.View Deal

Apple MacBook Air 2020 | $999 $899.99 at Amazon
This is a tremendous price for this year's iteration of the MacBook Air. Offering a nice way into the world of MacBooks that isn't the much more powerful and expensive Pro version, the Air machines really are great for work and home - oozing that Apple quality.
View Deal

4th of July sales - Amazon tech

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote | $39.99 $29.99 at Amazon
One of the easiest and simplest - and nicest? - Amazon tech purchases to make, Prime members can get the Fire TV Stick for just $29.99. By the flick of a button or whisper of a voice common, the streaming player allows you to enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps.
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Amazon Echo Show 5 | $89.99 $69.99 at Amazon
A great hub for smart home tech, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is now reduced by twenty dollars and provides an awesome video and graphical-based augmentation to the Alexa devices we know and love.View Deal

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo Dot | $298.99 $189 at Amazon
Amazon's doorbells are some of the best smart ones going and usually demand a high price tag so getting a sizeable $70 off the best-selling Ring Video Pro doorbell plus a free 3rd generation Echo Dot is incredible value. View Deal

Ring Alarm 5 Piece Kit + Echo Dot | $248.99 $199 at Amazon
This is a great saving on a traditionally quite expensive and comprehensive bit of kit - and it gets a free third-generation Echo Dot. The Alexa-enabled Ring Alarm includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and a range extender.
View Deal

4th of July sales - Home deals

And, as we briefly mentioned above, don't forget that there's a whole host of deals for the home or in what you might call the lifestyle categories, and you can get straight to those deals here:

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