2022 Lego Advent Calendars discounted, including Star Wars and Marvel

First discount badge with Lego Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy Lego Advent Calendars
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You can currently get a discount on the new range of 2022 Lego Advent Calendars, including the Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.

Available via Best Buy in a surprise sale, the latest batch of Lego Advent Calendars have had between $3 and $4 knocked off the MSRP. And sure, that doesn't sound overly impressive at first glance. But considering how difficult they can be to get hold off closer to December, any kind of saving is worth pouncing on. You can see the full lineup of discounts here, and it's the first spate of offers we've come across since the 2022 Lego Advent Calendars reveal back in September.

Top of the pile is the 2022 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar, currently knocked down to $40.99 at Best Buy instead of almost $45. That's the first reduction we've seen on this Holiday-themed addition to Lego Star Wars sets, and it includes characters from across the saga wearing their Christmas best (like C-3PO in a classic ugly sweater).

You can also save on the 2022 Lego Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar, which currently weighs in at $40.99 via Best Buy (a price cut of $4 overall). This one's based on the upcoming Holiday Special that'll be available to stream for anyone with a Disney Plus sign-up this December.

We've listed these offers below, and you can find more discounts on the best Lego sets further down the page.

Lego Star Wars 2022 Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99

Lego Star Wars 2022 Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99 $40.99 at Best Buy
Save $4 - This set takes a grand tour of the entire Star Wars saga with minifigs from the original trilogy to The Bad Batch. Although we enjoy seeing the droids in sweaters, Darth Vader in beachwear for a sunnier Holiday is probably our favorite goofy detail. It has 329 pieces and is suitable for ages 6 and up, and that's its lowest ever price.

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99

Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99 $40.99 at Best Buy
Save $4 - Unlike the other recent Marvel Lego Advent Calendars, this kit goes cosmic and visits the Guardians of the Galaxy for Christmas. It's another one that hasn't ever been discounted, so now's the time to strike if you want it. This kit is for ages 6+ and has 268 pieces.

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2022 | $44.99 $40.99 at Best Buy
Save $4 - Rather than depicting a single year of Harry's life like the last Lego Advent Calendar did, this one takes a broader view with minifigs and models from across the story. As you've probably guessed by now, it's never been cheaper. This one's for ages 7+ and has 334 pieces.

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