The best Xbox One X pre-order deals and bundles: Get a Xbox One X for £449 with Halo 5, Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 7 free

Regular pre-orders of the Xbox One X have kicked off so it's time to put your money down if you want to buy your console on day one.

If you want to get a regular Xbox One X on the November 7 release date, step right up. They'll probably go rather fast.... Note that some retailers have bundles and this is the star so far: 

There doesn't appear to be any stock left of the Xbox One X Scorpio Edition so you'll have to prepare for a significant payout on eBay if you have your heart set on that particular edition. 

Pre-order Xbox One X UK 

Xbox One X pre order bundles, UK

Pre-order Xbox One X US

How much does the Xbox One X cost? 

The list price for a new Xbox One X is currently £449.99 in the UK and $499 in America. Most retailers are sticking closely to that so look out for Xbox One X bundles or discount  codes if you want to save money or grab some games at the same time. The UK online retailer Very, for example, has game/controller/Xbox Live bundles with a 20% discount if you're buying on credit for the first time. 

When is the Xbox One X out? 

The Xbox One X's release date is November the 7th and pre-orders have been available for a while. Some rumours point to retailer getting less stock than usual, so it's debatable what your chances are of walking in a store and picking one up.