Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions box art leaked, fourth dimension sort-of revealed

Whoops! Apparently GameFly posted the box for this fall's Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions a bit earlier than expected. So far, only three of the game's realities had actually been revealed, so when we see this art and notice that way in the back is Spidey's symbiote black costume, well, we have to assume the fourth dimension has something to do with that.

Left to right: Spider-Man 2099, The Amazing Spider-Man (616 universe, duh), Spider-Man Noir and ???

As GamesRadar's official Black Costume Fanboy Idiot, I have to say... this is indeed strange. Y'see, he wore that originally in the mainstream universe, which is already represented by regular Spidey. It does appear elsewhere, like in one-off "What If?" comics, but the only other place it's been a mainstay on Peter Parker is in the Ultimate universe - and even there he only wore it for a handful of issues back in 2003.

Above: Peter dons the suit for the first time here, Ultimate Spider-Man 32. But after that? Not too much

So, while Ultimate seems like the most likely place to go (given the other three, known dimensions), the black costume bit is throwing me off. Stranger still is the fact that even though Activision confirmed that this is the real box art, it looks just like the mockup box art they sent out in June, just with eyes added to the black suit. At first I thought the leaked box art had to be a fake Photoshop, because surely Activision meant the black as a silhouette and not as black costume Spider-Man sans eyes. But, yep, that's it.

Above: In retrospect, this was pretty obvious

Comic-Con revs up next week, and there's no better place to finally spill the beans, so look for more then. In fact, maybe look for more Thursday. Here. Because I'm just saying is all.

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