Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions universal predictions

In case you didn't know, news just broke over the interwebs about the next Spider-Man game, Shattered Dimensions. We'll have our own look at it very soon, but the concept aloneof four different Spider-Men from different worlds gets us excited. At least as far back as Neversoft’s first Spider-Man on the PlayStation, being able to dress up your digital Spidey in the huge array of costumes he’s worn through his comic career has been a fun distraction. And changing between the black symbiote and the classic red was central to the last solo Spidey game, the underrated Web of Shadows. But now we know about Shattered Dimensions making it way more than dress-up.

Above: Here's a little taste of Spider-Man Noir in the comics

Only two universes have been announced so far, the traditional Spidey we all know and the one from the mini-series Spider-Man: Noir, a fine story that recast Pete in the 1930s fighting crime in the hard-boiled tradtition of Raymond Chandler. That leaves two dimensions unspoken for, and if you know GR (and this author) we can’t wait to speculate on what they could be while at the same time showing off our useless comic knowledge. So journey with us through the many worlds and their Spider-Men to see which we’d love to see and which can stay on their own planet for all we care.

Note: To save space we’re excluding the Ultimate Universe, which had agame already.

Henry Gilbert

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