Activision has announced that its upcoming Spider-Man: Edge of Time will feature  updated Spider-Man suit designs featured in the recently launched Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series. Bridging the gap between the Spidey who'll turn 50 next year and the newer, dark 'n' edgier Ultimate Comics version who debuted last month, today’s new assets prove beyond a doubt that Spider-Man is packing some heat. Just look at that pants bulge!

The inclusion of the UC suit threatens to delight fans, infuriate continuity-nerds, and confuse the hell out of anyone only tangentially keeping up with current events in the world of comics. See, Edge of Time concerns itself with the exploits of the classic Spidey, Peter Parker, and his future equivalent, Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099. However, the UC version of the suit is typically worn by Miles Morales after Parker dies within the Ultimate Comics universe, so Peter Parker's donning of the darker costume is the kind of continuity-blurring chicanery that's deeply despised in comics and employed on a bi-weekly basis within videogames.

Sep 15, 2011


  • paganpoet - September 16, 2011 8:27 a.m.

    I'm honestly surprised that everyone else was so quick to point out that bulge. Does it have jiggle physics a la DoA or Ninja Gaiden??
  • AuthorityFigure - September 16, 2011 1:56 a.m.

    You can see his whole tool box. What slings outta' that area, I wonder...
  • Hobogonigal - September 16, 2011 7:20 a.m.

    First thing I noticed. Scrolling down the Games Radar home page, saw it and was like 'Whaaat!'
  • CrashmanX - September 15, 2011 11:09 p.m.

    OK Not gonna lie. That actually looks pretty bitchin in game. Now, give me more sexy 2099 Spidey and some Scarlet Spider and we can call it a day.
  • kingsmikefan - September 15, 2011 10:07 p.m.

    Ok, since everyone else is kind of dancing around it, I'm just gonna ssy it: that's a huge cock.
  • AttractiveMeat - September 15, 2011 10:20 p.m.

    Well he is half black...
  • inkyspot - September 15, 2011 7:07 p.m.

    My question is, where's the zipper. And I would assume he does laundry everyday after crimefighting.
  • LIAMthescot - September 15, 2011 6:24 p.m.

    Spidey's packin'!
  • LSZ - September 15, 2011 6:55 p.m.

    Well, the new Ultimate Spider-Man is part black.
  • haisaiii - September 15, 2011 6:22 p.m.

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  • Personamanxx - September 15, 2011 6:03 p.m.

    Miles Morales, Darker and Edgier? Nah, man. He's like 13. I don't expect him to get his dark on for a couple years at least.
  • GhostbustTyler - September 15, 2011 8:25 p.m.

    Ha, I was just about to say that!
  • Personamanxx - September 15, 2011 8:38 p.m.

    He can be dark and edgy when he goes to High school. Or bonds with an alien symbiote. Whichever comes first eh?
  • Ryudo - September 15, 2011 5:41 p.m.

    Spider-Man met Batman Beyond
  • Redeater - September 15, 2011 5:37 p.m.

    You beat me to it Turboash. But you know somebody out there is enjoying it.
  • Turboash - September 15, 2011 5:35 p.m.

    That Spidey-bulge is making me uncomfortable.
  • DoctorGordonFreeman - September 15, 2011 7:31 p.m.

    Haha I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed. I was starting to question what type of webslinging he was planning on doing...especially in that crotch closeup shot!

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