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Scarface: The World is Yours Cheats, Codes & Guides

Scarface: The World is Yours Cheats

  • Heat Cheats

    FLYSTRT - Decrease Cop Heat
    DONUT - Increase Cop Heat
    NOBALLS - Decrease Gang Heat
    GOBALLS - Increase Gang Heat
    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Fill Balls Meter

    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Kill Tony

    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Spawn Cheats

    OLDFAST - Spawn Ariel MK III
    666999 - Spawn Bacinari
    DOZER - Spawn Bulldozer
    DUMPER - Spawn Dump Truck
    BUMMER - Spawn 4x4 Bodog Stampede
    Submitted by Mike Morris, DiPo, John Rey
  • Max Ammo

    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Refill Health

    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Clothes Cheats

    BLACK - Black Suit Tony
    BLUE - Blue Suit Tony
    BLUESH - Blue Suit Tony With Sunglasses
    GRAY - Gray Suit Tony
    GRAYSH - Gray Suit Tony With Sunglasses
    WHITE - White Suit
    WHITESH - White w/ Shades
    SANDY or TANSHRT - Sandyshirt
    SANDYSH or TANSH - Sandy w/ Shades
    TIGSHRT - Tiger Shirt
    TIGERSH - Tiger Shirt w/ Shades
    HAWAII - Hawiian Shirt
    HAWAIIG - Hawaiian Shirt w/ Shades
    Submitted by mjw1191 & Tony Montana & Mike Morris
  • Weather Cheats

    MARTHA - Change Time of Day
    SHAZAAM - Toggle Lightning
    RAINY - Toggle Rain
    Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Submitted by tony montana of cheats
  • Stampede

    Submitted by None
  • Vehicle Repair

    Submitted by Mike Morris
  • Stampede

    Submitted by John Rey
  • Spawn Cheats

    OLDFAST - Spawn Ariel MK III
    666999 - Spawn Bacinari
    DOZER - Spawn Bulldozer
    DUMPER - Spawn Dump Truck
    Submitted by tony montana of cheats & Mike Morris
  • Mission Replay Cheats

    S13 - Replay Babylon Club Redux
    S12 - Replay Deliver
    SO7A - Replay Freedom Town Redux
    S09 - Replay Nacho Contreras
    S10 - Replay Nacho's Tanker
    DW_frn - Replay Oakley Drive-In
    A51 - Replay The Dock Boss
    S11 - Replay Un-Load
    Submitted by None
  • Every Scarface Mission

    Entry location: main the go to cheats.
    cabana cigar
    oakley drive in theater
    babylon club redux
    havana storehouse
    freedom town redux
    o"grady"s liquor store
    fidel" records
    u-gin shotgun bar
    babylon club
    marina storage
    nacho conteras
    the docks
    nacho;s tanker
    macau fast food
    chi peso tratoria
    swansong hotel
    sun ray hotel
    shoreline storage
    angel dust donut shop
    whippet gambling
    peninsula lounge
    stein jewelry
    coco;s lounge and disco
    leopard storage
    the plantation
    the end {this is were you kill sosa}
    Submitted by fonzy100
  • Easy Health

    Entry location: cheat menu (paused screen)
    Submitted by Tony
  • Heat Cheats

    Entry location: cheat menu
    FLYSTRT-Decrease Cop Heat
    DOUNT-Increase Cop Heat
    NOBALLS-Decrease Gang Heat
    GOBALLS-Increase Gang Heat
    Submitted by Tony

Scarface: The World is Yours Easter Eggs

  • What a relief...

    If you are not doing a mission and have lost some health, go to a dumpster and an option should appear to "relieve yourself". It restores some health, but is more for the comic value, really.
    Submitted by John Doe
  • Gina's Ghost

    If you got to the drive-in theater at night and fire shots into the air beside the screen, you see Gina in her night gown ducking for cover. If you don't see her, press circle and you'll hear Tony say "Gina, can you hear me?"
    Submitted by John Doe
  • Reference to the Original

    There was a 1932 version of Scarface (same name) in which the main character (Antonio Camonte) was played by Paul Muni. In Scarface the game if you approach a guy waiting in line at an all nudes bar (Hee hee) and start talking to him he will say "Hey, you look like that guy from that movie." Tony responds by saying "What, Paul Muni? No, I don't look like him."
    Submitted by John Doe
  • 70s 'Shaft' referance

    When you go to the 'Oakley Drive-In Theatre' it should say 'Shaft' is showing all week. The relevance of 'Shaft' is that the owner of the Drive-In is voiced by Richard Roundtree who played John Shaft in the film.
    Submitted by Anonymous
  • Different cutscene (spoiler alert)

    In the last level where you have to kill Sheffield, the cutscene showing you finishing him off will depend on what weapon you use. E.g. If you just punch him, the cutscene will show you beating him to death whereas if use the desert eagle it will show Tony shooting him in the head, ditto with the AK.
    Submitted by John Doe
  • Make Tony dance

    While you're in the Babylon club, if you hold in L1 Tony will dance and if you press R1 he will do a spin.
    Submitted by John Doe
  • Shark Bait

    Entry location: Out in the waters off of Miami
    This usually happens along South Beach and North Beach. If you swim out in the water far enough and stop. This little clip will start. It shows Tony treading water until a shark jumps out of the water and clamps on to Tony. It's not useful, it serves as a comic relief more then anything. Just make sure that you don't have any dirty money or drugs in your possession because you will lose them.
    Submitted by Shane Sheridan
  • You are Scarface!

    After you have completed the game and achieved 100% completion, the game will say "You are Scarface" and then half naked women will follow you where ever you go. Oh...and they will pull a chain gun out and help you fight when you need them.
    Submitted by Chris Turner (Duvall,WA)

Scarface: The World is Yours Hints

  • Near Invincibility

    Once you unlock Montana Productions from the exotics catalog, buy it. Believe me, it's worth it. Once you buy it, you will have access to all of Tony's outfits. Here's where it helps, if you are low on health, just change your outfit and boom, your health is restored. It comes in handy when staring down an alley full of mercenaries. Although you should be warned, once the game comes back up you have to take your weapon out again.
    Submitted by Shane Sheridan
  • Cash for Balls

    When needing extra money fast, go to the Cash for Balls Booth located east of the Havanna Storehouse. You will see a yellow blocking pole on the south side of the road, this is the alley that will take you directly to the booth. Once there, you go to the start menu and enter the "max balls" cheat, when you type in your cheat, hit the triangle button to sell your balls. This will pay around $65,000 for the max balls.
    Submitted by Jeremy Ham
  • Good Start-off

    One of the best Start-offs in the game is this:

    First-off, when you buy the mansion back form Vice, go around to the back to the underground bunker and at the first stair-case at the entrance will be a fully-loaded Carbine.(Note: Don't turn the system off or restart or you lose this cheat!)

    After you beat the Penthouse mission at the start, buy the driver, Renovate the mansion, and buy the Bandit the second you get out of the bank!

    Then go to the mansion and level up to unlock the shotguns and chainsaws. Eliminate all the gangs in Little Havana before you buy any fronts! I know it takes a long but it's WAY less risky after to do distribute drugs! You will almost never get attacked and it works well when you own more than one area of Miami. While getting them BALLZ accumulated get after them femme fatales. They're worth the health, stamina, and balls upgrades, plus who doesn't want sexy woman around the house?!

    After the gangs, use the money to buy enough exotics to level up again and get some Aks and buy the Corvette-like car, then get some money from deals and buy the Fronts. Now you're ready to Take the Diaz Bros and get Downtown. Take all the gangs like before! Once you unlock the Islands, get to level six to unlock the best Drug deals. Get all the weapons and weapon upgrades to become a true badass! Now take on Nacho Contrerez and win Downtown fully!

    Now that you're in Gaspars turf, Get that fully-upgraded carbine or the machine gun! They are TOUGH in this turf and the front misions are hard as hell! Take the gangs in Both turfs like before nad get to level seven! (Don't get to level 8 until you buy the Montana Financial because the only thing level 8 does is make your laundering taxes higher, but you need it to be allowed to Take Gaspar and Sosa). Make sure have all the femmes to be able to take the most damage and deal it the best. you now go after Sosa, and prove you are the baddest Cubano to live!
    Submitted by Ninja_Assault 25

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Release date: Oct 10 2006 - PS2, Xbox (US)
May 26 2006 - PS2, Xbox, PC (UK)
Available Platforms: PS2, Xbox, PC, PSP, Wii
Genre: Action
Published by: Vivendi
Developed by: Radical Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs
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