Phil Claydon making new action parody

The Lesbian Vampire Killers director is back

Lesbian Vampire Killers helmer Phil Claydon has been hired by New Line to shoot its '80s action parody Dan Mintner: Badass For Hire

The film is apparently a "light-hearted homage to 1980s action fare including Cobra and Missing In Action.

Our hero sports tight, acid-washed jeans and a matchstick permanently sticking from his mouth as he confronts the issues of kicking arse in today;s world.

"Phil was basically hired off the title alone of his first film," producer Beau Flynn jokes to The Hollywood Reporter.

And fellow prod-bod Tripp Vinson is also a wit for the ages: "And after actually seeing it, we knew he was the man to kick ass on Dan Mintner.

"Plus his film had our two favorite things in cinema: vampires and lesbians."

Unfortunately it was also a badly acted waste of a fun title. Perhaps he'll do better with his second crack at the cinematic whip...

[Source: THR ]

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