Geometry Wars Galaxies

Of all the Xbox 360 titles that might have crossed over to the Nintendo side… well, we could hardly have been more taken aback if Microsoft had finally confirmed the long-rumored handheld version of Halo.

Anyway, the mighty Geometry Wars is on its way to Wii and DS, and anyone who played the 360 version will know what brilliant news this is - not least because Geometry Wars Galaxies here features enhancements to the classic original, including new weapons, new enemies and two-player modes.

On Xbox 360, it’s a simple, hypnotic shooter in which you steer a ship with one stick and direct a stream of bullets with the other, fending off an endless stream of stylized enemies, each species having its own behavior patterns. Some flock towards you, others run from your bullets. Some can only be killed in specific ways, while others try to overwhelm you by weight of numbers - there can be hundreds of objects on the screen, and when everything really starts to kick off, it’s like a fireworks display.

The prettiest piece of pyrotechnics is provided by the black holes which, when activated by a stray bullet, suck up enemies and explode in a shower of colorful sparks.

Everything appears on a grid that warps and ripples so smoothly, your eyes will think its Christmas (which, er, given the release date, it will be). GW Galaxies producer Roger Carpenter reckons it’s looking great on Nintendo platforms.


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