Ford Off Road gets dirty

We've had a few Ford racing games over the past few years, but the series has now gone completely off the road. In a good way, that is. The tentatively-titled Ford Off Road will feature 24 tracks over three environments - forest, desert and mountain - and offer 12 different race modes. You'll be driving officially licensed Ford rally vehicles, SUVs and Land Rover off road vehicles. You know, the ones that work in mud.

Apparently, the game will finally let the vehicles collect dirt and grime - and even possibly take damage. Here at GamesRadar, we think damage is a good thing in racing games. If not because crashing cars is fun, because surely taking away the consequences of crashing them will give impressionable minds the wrong idea. But mainly because crashing cars is fun.

A mooted 15 hours of challenges and events will await players, and that's before they get racing in the split-screen two-player or, in the case of the PSP version, 6-player wi-fi mode. There will also be multiple routes in each stage, with shortcuts incorporating tougher hazards, so players will have to weigh up the risk before taking them or not.

The game's out in November on PS2, PSP and PC. Check out the first screens here.

July 25, 2007


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