Dragon's Dogma quest guide

There’s plenty to keep a new adventurer busy in the world of Gransys, but unfortunately it’s not all glam and glory. There are tons of quests throughout the three chapters of Dragon’s Dogma, and while some may have you scaling the back of a golem as it tries to smash your mates into sticky puddles, there are just as many quests that will have you escorting someone from point A to point B, or killing off a few innocent rabbits for giggles.

Before you run off on your cavalier bunny killing escapades, there are some tips to always remember: try to do side quests before the main quests, always take heed when someone asks if you are sure you want to continue, always return to Cassardis, the Pawn Guild, and the Encampment to see if new quests are available, and finally, once you get to them, always have a Ferrystone in your possession.

Before you start your journey in Gransys check out our Beginner's Guide, it's full of very useful tips and things we wish we knew before we started the game. If you are having trouble finding where everything is, check out our Map Guide. It's a custom made map that shows the locations of notable monsters, NPC's and loot.

Table of Contents

Act 1

Notice Board Quests
Side Quests

Main Quests

Act II

Notice Board Quests
Side Quests

Main Quests


Main Quests


  • robin-scheenstra - June 29, 2012 10:31 a.m.

    in the final battle the dragon is really A PAIN so take enough stamina and health items with you before trying, and a helpfull tip if you go sit just a bit beneath his heart he cant grab you, you will still hit him and does massive damage. good luck
  • andrew-quinn-soosay - July 15, 2012 6:04 a.m.

    easiest way is also this. wait until he gets stuck in the wall grab a makers finger arrow shoot it in the heart DONT MISS if you miss wont work if you hit kills instantly no hastle of a battle.
  • lazer59882 - June 15, 2012 11:25 a.m.

    it's about goddamned time you guys write a feature about this game.

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