Crackdown Cheats

Crackdown Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by SkilledG rider aka John Santos, And Spar


    1. Agency Explosives Expert - Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating - 20 points
    2. Agency Athlete - Run & jump your way to a 4-star Agility rating - 20 points
    3. Agency Wheelman - Accelerate and slide your way to a 4-star Driving rating. - 20 points
    4. Agency Brawler - Punch, jab, kick, and throw your way to a 4-star Strength rating. - 20 points
    5. Agency Marksman - Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating. - 20 points
    6. Master Agent - Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters. - 40 points
    7. Roadkill King - Mow down and massacre 175 gang members while driving. - 15 points
    8. High Flyer - Make your way to the top of the Agency Tower. - 10 points
    9. Firing Squad - Fire away - shoot and kill 500 gang members using firearms. - 15 points
    10. Bare-Knuckle Brawler - Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands (or thrown objects). - 15 points
    11. Mad Bomber - Show your explosive personality - kill 500 gang members using explosives. - 15 points
    12. Untouchable Agent - Kill 200 gang members without dying yourself. - 15 points
    13. Body Juggler - Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds. - 20 points
    14. Car Juggler - Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds. - 20 points
    15. Hazardous Hangtime - Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle. - 10 points
    16. Driving High - Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle. - 10 points
    17. Front Flipper - Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle. - 20 points
    18. Timed Stunt Driver - Execute six car stunts in 60 seconds. - 20 points
    19. Base Jumper - Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below. - 10 points
    20. Stunt Driver - Successfully execute five car stunts - front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump - 20 points
    21. Orb Hunter - Collect 300 Hidden Orbs. - 50 points
    22. Free Runner - Collect 500 Agility Orbs. - 50 points
    23. Repo Man - Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles.10 points
    24. Los Muertos Intel Master - Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets. - 10 points
    25. Volk Intel Master - Locate all Volk dossier targets. - 10 points
    26. Shai-Gen Intel Master - Locate all Shai-Gen dossier targets. - 10 points
    27. First Blood - Eliminate the first of 21 gang bosses. - 10 points
    28. Los Muertos Cleanser - Murder Los Muertos - Kill all Los Muertos gang members. - 20 points
    29. Volk Cleanser - Take out all Volk gang members. - 40 points
    30. Shai-Gen Cleanser - Assassinate Shai-Gen - Kill all Shai-Gen gang members. - 50 points
    31. The Trifecta - Wipe the city clean by taking out all members of all three gangs. - 50 points
    32. Rampage - Wreak havoc in 60-second increments. - 20 points
    33. Take Me To Your Supply Point - Unlock your first Supply Point. - 10 points
    34. It's Good To Be Connected - Unlock all Supply Points. - 30 points
    35. Airtime Assassin - Shoot and kill 5 gang members in a single jump (while airborne). - 10 points
    36. Shot-putter - Throw any object (other than a grenade) 205 feet or more. - 10 points
    37. Global Impact - Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe. - 15 points
    38. Ring Leader - Drive through all of the unique Stunt Markers. - 20 points
    39. Chain Banger - Blow up 100 explosive objects in 60 seconds. - 10 points
    40. Double Trouble, Double your fun - complete your first mission in Co-op mode. - 10 points
    41. Tag Teamer - Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode. - 40 points
    42. Road Warrior - Successfully complete all 14 Road Races. - 30 points
    43. Over Our Heads - Successfully complete all 12 Rooftop Races. - 30 points

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by crackly

    Achievements for Downloadable Content

    Free DLC
    Confiscator (40) - Impund all flagged vehicles and store them in the Agency Garage
    Psych Out (100) - Complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic difficulty level

    Premium DLC
    Flippin' Crazy (20) - Complete three flips of any type in a single jump in any vehicle
    Pack Rat (10) - Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds
    Body Armor (10) - Use the Harpoon gun to attach five corpses to a single vehicle
    Street Racer (20) - Win all Street Races using any vehicle
    Street Racer Elite (150) - Win all Street Races using all available vehicles

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by P0pp0

    Weapons List

    Agency Pistol (Colby 'Master')
    Agency Assault Rifle (Colby EAR50)
    Automatic Sniper (Bastion S600 'Long Eye')
    Heavy Caliber Sniper (Bastion SX900 'Longshot')
    Standard Pistol (Kokov 'Diktat')
    Punisher Pistol (Smithers 'Punisher')
    Standard SMG (Ingalls X80)
    Short SMG (Harman MP-50)
    M-60 (Ingalls MG-60)
    Heavy Machine Gun (Harlington HMG-90)
    Auto Shotgun (Dempsey 190 'Equalizer')
    Store Clerk Shotgun (Dempsey SO-6 'Stub')
    Grenadier (Watson HE79 'Grenadier')
    Firefly Rocket Launcher (Watson HE99-X 'Firefly')
    Hothead Rocket Launcher (Watson HE99 'Hothead')
    Remote Mines (Colby 'Limpet Charge')
    Standard Grenade (Grenade)
    Shrapnel Grenade (Shrapnel Grenade)
    Cluster Grenade (Insta-death)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Hoppy

    Turn off Enemy Respawing

    Beat all three gangs to unlock the ability to toggle whether or not gang members spawn.

Crackdown Glitches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Thatguy93

    Safe Building Glitch

    Farthest side of the beach

    On the Farthest side of the beach in Los Meurados, there is a larger than average hut. This hut should have neon signs on it. First grab a dune buggy from the agency garage and bring it here. Behind the building should be a steep ledge. Reverse you buggy into the ledge so that you front wheels are on the ground and back wheels are up the ledge. Once vertical, drive your buggy full speed under the hut. You should now be stuck under the building. Once stuck you press Y to get out and you will then find yourself in an impenetrable safe house. Nothing gets in, Nothing gets out.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by DantheMan

    Invisible Tires


    Equip a rocket launcher or anything that can blow up a car. Go to a car a blow it up. If it doesn't land right side up, make sure you fix it so it is. Make sure there is no debris where the tires of the car used to be (before you blew it up). Shoot on the exploded car with a non-explosive weapon where the tires used to be attached and some should pop up.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Poltergheist

    Vertical car climbing

    Lv4 driving in SUV

    When you are in a SUV, go to a vertical wall, best with no ledges and get your SUV almost vertical. Then hold down the B button and go!

Crackdown Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by BaseKillerWolf

    Get Flippin' Crazy Achievement

    You will need the premium download content and you must have beaten Cowell in Shai-gen. Take the buggy car to the building where Cowell is in. Kick down the doors and drive the buggy into the elevator. Ride it up and drive it out. Once you drive the buggy out of the elevator you may get the go 115 feet in the air achievement. Slowly drive the car up the ramps until you get to the balcony. Back the car up to the railing. Aim the car at the balcony and floor it. As soon as the car launches off of the balcony immediatly press and hold forward on the left stick. You should count the car do 3 flips. Once that happens, level the car flat so it makes a perfect landing.
    You should get the Flippin' Crazy achievement and the 6 second jump achievement.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by drlgamer

    Hidden Orbs

    When you get to a boss stage take a good look around. At almost every boss area there will be one to three hidden orbs nearby.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Nick Danger

    Baggage Cart

    Volk oil rig

    So the new content came out and gave us more abilities. One new feature is now you can impound vehicles from 4 groups: Los Muertos, The Volk, Shi Gen, And civilian. One of the hardest rides to get is the baggage cart in the civilian-class vehicle section. First head to the oil rig in the volk gang section. Its easy to get to the rig if you have the storage facility supply point. Head over the third part of the rig. Get to the helipad and you should find two bag cart. Well done, but its not over yet. Now you have to get your new ride off the rig and on the mainland. First, jump from the the 2nd part of the rig. You will lose the cart when you hit the ground. Pick up the cart and jump to the next one. Again you will lose the vehicle on impact. Now here is where patience comes in. Jump onto the pipe and walk gingerly until you get to metal part at the other end of the pipe. Look to your left and jump while throwing your ride. This will damage your vehicle but who cares, ya did it. Now get your ride upright and on the road and drive it back to base. Congratulations, you now got yourself a nice drive-by vehicle.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Crackdown Hero

    4-Star Driving

    This is an amazing way you can get your stars up on your driving quickly. All you have to do is run over enemy gang members and you will get loads of driving points

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by wardog911, the

    Many Orbs

    First, lock onto an enemy. Then, you will see his health bar. Shoot at him until his health is REALLY low. Let him heal his health back up. Keep doing this to get a MAJOR amount of orbs.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by UKbigman91

    "Drive High" and Hangtime or Car Juggle


    Take the SUV to the tower in Shai-Gen that has the elevator, where you defeated the army general. You can drive your SUV right through the doors and into the lift. Activate the lift and get in the SUV. Close to the top, you will earn the "Drive High" achievement. Then, take the SUV up to the roof (you will have to throw it up there once you reach the balcony. Now, depending on the Achievement you want, you can either:

    A. Throw the SUV off the building and shoot it once with a rocket. That's all you need to do. Trust me, it counts.


    B. Drive the car under the little dome and position it so that you are aimed at the ledge. Drive off the building (if you are level 4 driving, use the jump to get extra height) and you should be in the air long enough to get the achievement. NOTE: I haven't tried yet, but you might be able to do enough flips to get the timed stunt driver achievement.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Bashful Hat

    How To Get Car Juggler Achivement

    First make sure you have cluster grenades ( you can find them in Shai-Gen) and a explosives skill of at least 3. Then go to the Volk and find an open space, and find one of the Volk gang cars, that are small and green, sometimes red. Blow the car up and make sure it has no wheels, so the main body is on the ground. Then standing about 10 feet away, and being about perfectly center with the BACK of the car, throw two cluster grenades, aiming the redical down at the ground in front of the back of the car, as fast as you can. If the grenades go under the car and the car goes spinning up in the air very far up, you've done it. It took me a few tries to do this, so you will probably mess up.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by ur daily doctor

    Double Jump


    Once you have picked something up above your head "hold A" to jump as high as you can like normal then when you are at the peak of your jump "Press Right Trigger" to throw what ever you have lifted and as you see your character start to throw the object "hold A" again and you will throw the object and double jump again thus allowing you to get to high places even easier.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by James

    Fast Strength

    The easiest way to get your strength up is to always kill by kicking. Just run up to the gang members and kick them. Especially against bosses they give you tons so just run up to them and kick them until they die.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Somebody

    Easy Driving High Achievement

    Garcia Point

    Travel to the Garcia Point supply point in La Mugre, where Los Muertos are. Look to your left upon spawning and you'll see a slope. Go up and you should see a jeep. Get in it and drive to the edge of the cliff upwards. If you have not defeated Los Muertos yet, going up a small bit and between the feet of the statue will also nab the achievement.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Somebody

    Easy Shot-Putter Achievement

    Wang's Tower

    Travel to the top of Wang's tower (after defeating him of course) and knock over one of the light posts. Grab the small light ball and give it a good chuck off the side (jump for best results). Four star strength is highly recommended.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Naruto Uzamaki

    Better Agility Orbs

    In Shai-Gen Corperation there's higher scores for agility (you better have three stares or higher.)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by thedude991

    Easy Explosive Rating


    First go to Shai-Gen and jump on any rooftop and kil any gang member that has a rocket-launcher{hothead, Volk should have it too}. Then take your rocket launcher and kill people - gang members not innocent! You should be lvl 3 in at least a hour

Crackdown Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Crackdown Generals Guides

    Take down the Generals with ease after you read our detailed guides:

    Los Muertos
    The Volk

Crackdown Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Wizrai

    Rubber Duck #2

    Violetta Sanchez Kill Location

    At the apartments where you kill Violetta, climb up to the top, and go to the end of one wing of the building, there should be a small pool and a Rubber Duck next to it.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Cracksta'

    Rubber Duck

    Ferris Wheel on Los Muertos island

    On the large ferris wheel on the Los Muertos controlled island, a rubber duck can be found in the very top carriage. It requires some nifty jumping and climbing to get up there though. Once on the top carriage, leap on to the star with the agility orb on it. A quick rotation of the camera will reveal this pointless, yet intriguing easter egg.