Zack Snyder hyping up Blue Beetle is the most wholesome thing you'll see today

Zack Snyder
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Zack Snyder has shared his enthusiasm for Blue Beetle – and it's the most wholesome thing you'll see today. 

Taking to Twitter, Snyder wrote: "Looking forward to taking my kids to see Blue Beetle. #RepresentationMatters #BlueBeetle" Accompanying the tweet was a picture of Blue Beetle himself, set to be played by Cobra Kai's Xolo Maridueña in the DC film. 

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Suicide Squad director David Ayer then retweeted Snyder with the hands up emoji, and DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn also shared Snyder's post. 

While Blue Beetle isn't strictly a DCU film, Gunn has indicated before that the titular hero Jaime Reyes will be the first DCU character. DCU Chapter One: Gods and Monsters is set to kick off with animated TV show Creature Commandos, with Superman: Legacy following in 2025. 

Snyder, meanwhile, is busy at Netflix with Rebel Moon, an upcoming sci-fi epic based on his scrapped Star Wars pitch. That film is arriving this December 2023. 

"I just remember James Gunn has this really excited energy to him all the time," Maridueña told us in the new issue of Total Film magazine, which is out on newsstands now. "But them coming into this position of the movie already being made, and then being like, 'All right [mimes rifling through a filing cabinet as if rummaging through the movie], let's see what we have here' – it was very rewarding for them to actually respond well to it and enjoy it. They had their notes here and there story-wise, but I think, in capturing the essence of Jaime and the Reyes family, [they] think we did a really great job."

Blue Beetle hits theaters this August 18. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows for everything else on the way. 

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