You season 4 part 2 trailer sees a major character return to the Netflix show

After releasing a first look at You season 4 part 2 at the end of episode 5, Netflix has now shared a longer trailer for the second half of the season. And boy, is it full of some big surprises... including a big character returning.

Before we go any further, we’re going to be getting into some big You season 4 part 1 spoilers from here on out. So make sure you’ve seen the show before going any further.

At the end of You season 4 part 1, we learn that the Eat The Rich killer is Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers). In the final moments of the season, we see him announcing his candidacy for Mayor of London as Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) vows to stop him from causing any more harm.

The first look at part 2 suggests that this is exactly where we will pick up as we see Joe and Rhys fighting as well as other characters looking terrified. 

You season 3

(Image credit: Netflix)

However, the most explosive revelation comes towards the end of the short clip when we get a new look at Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). At the end of season 3, Joe killed his wife Love with poison, before burning down their house in the California suburbs. So it's safe to say it's a pretty big surprise to see Pedretti back in the role.

We only get a very brief look at her in the trailer but she seems to be sitting with Joe’s books in his glass box. "Hi Joe," she says as he looks on horrified. 

Given her fate in season 3 and the fact we’ve yet to see Joe remake his box in season 4 so far, it seems pretty likely this is a flashback. But, regardless of the circumstances behind Love’s return, we cannot wait to find out what she’s up to and how this plays into Joe’s plans for Rhys.

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